2018 Festival of Music

On Wednesday September 19th, 32 of our students performed on stage at the Adelaide Festival Theatre as part of the Public Primary Schools’ Festival of Music.

Our school was also represented by Jasmine Grether who performed at 6 of the 12 performances as a member of the troupe and by Natalie Beech who performed as a soloist on Wednesday September 27th.

On Friday September 21st, 46 members of the Junior Choir performed in the Festival Theatre Foyer as pre-show entertainment.

The Primary Schools Festival of Music, an official state icon, is a public school-based music education program which is a collaboration between the Department for Education and the SAPPS Music Society, which gives all SA public primary students the opportunity to perform at a prestigious venue.

The commissioned work was entitled “Next Stop: North Terrace” which was a series of songs composed by local musician Mark Simeon Ferguson about the North Terrace cultural precinct. The concert ended with a spectacular sea of colour.

In between there were a number of Assisting Artists from public primary and secondary schools, other choir items that presented different musical genre, and two pieces that specifically showcased the talents of the orchestra.

It was a spectacular event that our students enjoyed being a part of.

Elizabeth McDonald – Performing Arts Teacher

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