Pillowcase Project

Australian Red Cross visited our school this morning to deliver the Pillowcase Project to our Year 3 and 4 students. The Pillowcase Project is a school based disaster preparedness education program, designed to build children’s knowledge and capacity in disaster preparedness. The program is part of an international pilot currently taking place in five other countries. From experience, Australian Red Cross knows that teaching children how to prepare for emergencies can help keep their families and communities safe. This project is part of a broader commitment by Red Cross’ Emergency Services to educate the community on disaster preparedness.

In addition to the 1 hour presentation, students received the following Red Cross preparedness resources:

  • A household REdiPlan for parents/guardians
  • A pillowcase to create their own personal emergency kit
  • A teddy, hand knitted by the wonderful volunteers at Red Cross

We found the program incredibly valuable. The children were engaged and eager to learn how they can best prepare in case for an emergency and help support the wider community.

Thank You, Year 3/4 Classes

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