Fire danger season information for families

We remind all Craigburn families and friends of the bushfire procedures we have in place in the event of the Country Fire Service (CFS) declaring a ‘Catastrophic’ fire danger rating or an ‘Extreme / Severe’ fire danger rating for the Mt Lofty Ranges.

The State Government will close high-risk public schools in specific fire ban districts on days where the fire danger index is forecast at 100 or more – Catastrophic (Fire Danger Rating).

This means that Craigburn Primary School and the Out of School Hours Care Service (OSHC) will close when the fire danger rating for the Mt Lofty Ranges is declared Catastrophic. No staff or students will attend Craigburn Primary School or OSHC on this day.

Parents / carers should make provision for the care of their child/ren on days declared at a Catastrophic Level, within their family’s personal bushfire action plan.

Confirmation of the school and OSHC closure is provided by the CFS on the day before the school is to close, usually after 4.00pm.

If and when this occurs, we will send a SMS to all parents / guardians listed on our school database.

Parents and carers can also use the following forms of communication to determine if the school and OSHC will be closed on the following day:

We ask that families network with each other where possible.

On days where the fire danger rating is ‘Extreme or Severe’ we enact our school’s Bushfire Action Plan, where in the event of a bushfire approaching the school, all people on site will be instructed to move to the Bushfire Refuge, being our school gym / hall.

This refuge is different to the CFS Community Refuge.

Families are encouraged to read the Bushfires and Your Child’s School or Preschool brochure (PDF 648KB) which provides parents with advice on how to prepare for the fire danger season, and what to do if a bushfire is burning near their child’s site.

It is important that each family has their own personal bushfire survival plan in place for days of catastrophic fire danger or in the event of a bushfire threat.

We ask that you familiarise yourself with the brochure and be prepared, before an emergency arises. By doing this it will help staff at your child’s site to keep them safe.

In any bushfire situation the Emergency Information Hotline can provide advice to parents and caregivers on up-to-date information as it relates to department sites and the welfare of children.

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