Year 7 to High School Update

Recently, the government has confirmed that year 7 public school students will be taught in high school from term 1, 2022.

The move will align South Australia’s public schools with the national curriculum taught in high schools making it easier to deliver subjects and improve outcomes for students.

Access to dedicated facilities and resources and exposure to different teaching styles will also give each year 7 student opportunities for deeper learning, greater peer interactions, and greater independence and responsibility.

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At Craigburn Primary School this means that children currently in Year 4 will be the last to graduate as year 7’s from our school in 2021. Our current 2018 Reception to Year 3 students will graduate from Craigburn Primary School when in Year 6.

The Year 7 transition to high school will have a number of impacts, including :

  • Students in Year 6 being the oldest age group in primary schools from 2022.
  • Our Graduation ceremony /program.
  • The ability for our school to accept additional enrolments once approximately 70 Year 7 students transition to high school.
  • Year 6’s to be considered for the annual Canberra Camp.
  • Year 7 students accessing high school facilities.
  • Some teachers and SSO’s currently in a number of schools transition to a high school.

The government has stated that all movement of students from primary schools to high schools will take place in 2022, however closer to the time there may be a small number of trial schools transitioning earlier due to great complexities (eg in rural areas).


Paul Luke

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