The Weekly Wrap

Thanks for taking the time to read through this Weekend Wrap along with other recent news posts. The 2018 school year is quickly drawing to a close, although there is still much to cover over the next four weeks. Please take note the following information and reminders.

Last Week

  • We began last week with an excellent presentation by Mrs Bellette’s Year 5 students and the Green Team promoting Recycling Week and school based recycling initiatives. Well done to all.
  • Thank you to Sue and Sue and Canteen supporters for organising the Sushi Rolls day last Tuesday, which proved to be a success.
  • We welcome all new children and families who came along to the first of three Reception transition visits. The second visit will be held this Wednesday 21st November.
  • Thanks to all families who came along to the last Year 5/6/7 team assembly on Thursday.
  • Teaching and support staff were engaged in a full day of professional development on Friday where we explored the department’s new improvement planning procedures and documents as well as analysing student learning data in preparation for the 2019 school year.
  • Over the last two weeks we have practised two emergency procedures including the Bushfire and Evacuation drills. This week we will be practising what to do in an emergency lockdown situation. Well done to all students / classes for their efforts in treating these practice drills with importance.
  • Thanks to those families who responded to last week’s post, Learning Environment Opportunity Study, which invited community feedback to a review we are currently undertaking to assess the current and future use of our school facilities.

This Week

  • We look forward to seeing the new receptions starters for 2019 for their second transition visit on Wednesday morning.
  • The school activities keep coming with Gala Day set for this Friday. This long held annual event involves nominated students in Years 3-7 managing craft, activity and food stalls. Students in Reception to Year 2 get to visit stalls after Recess for 45 minutes, with students in Years 3-7 to visit stalls for the second 45 minute session. Many students rate Gala Day as one of their favourite days of the year, where they get to demonstrate their enterprise and entrepreneur skills.  Further details for parents / carers here.
  • A big thank you to our Community Events and Fundraising Team for organising school discos. This coming Friday afternoon / evening is our second and final disco for 2018 – note the Christmas dress theme.

Key Dates to Remember

  • 20/11 ` Vocal Concert – Michelle Byrne
  • 21/11 2019 Reception Transition Visit 2
  • 23/11 Gala Day / Discos
  • 27/11 Blackwood High School Information Night and Transition Day for 2019 Year 8 students
  • 28/11 – 30/11 Year 6 Camp to El Shaddai, Wellington
  • 3/12 Governing Council
  • 4/12 Craigburn’s Got Talent
  • 7/12 Celebration Night Rehearsal
  • 10/12 Celebration Night
  • 12/12 Year 7 Graduation
  • 14/12 End of Year Dismissal 12.30pm

Class Placement Update

  • Teachers have begun this process and as previously indicated, placing students in classes is a complex and time-consuming process involving multiple factors. Students will be informed of their placement on Wednesday 12th December, where they get to visit their new class for 2019 after Recess.
  • On the same day, parents / caregivers are informed via a class placement letter with their child’s end of year report.

Student Reports

  • At this time of the term,  teachers are spending many hours writing student reports.
  • As part of this process, teachers work with year level team colleagues to moderate and discuss student assessments to ensure consistency of teacher judgement when reporting A-E grades for subject areas within the Australian Curriculum.
  • Given the length of time for these reports to be written, most teachers undertake report writing days, where relieving teachers are in classes. This is part of teachers’ industrial entitlements as they ‘bank’ time over the course of the year to undertake this important work.

Celebration Night

  • Reminder our annual Celebration Night is set for Monday 10th December. We are pleased to announce former Craigburn student Georgia Carey will be our guest performer. Some of you may remember Georgia appeared a few years ago on The Voice.

Recent Posts and Friendly Reminders

  • Year 7 to High School Update
  • Going somewhere or staying with us in 2019 – please let us know if you are leaving.
  • Bushfire Ready Procedures
  • SunSmart – Parents are encouraged to provide SPF 30+ broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen to and for their child’s use as needed. Teachers will encourage students to apply sunscreen before going outdoors.

Best wishes to all for the week ahead.

Regards, Paul Luke, Principal

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