German Food Tasting Experience

During Week 6 the Year 3-7 students participated in a German food tasting experience!

As part of the German language program the students had been exploring food through a range of activities from translating recipes, working with authentic German menus and learning food-related vocabulary.

As a finale for this unit students were invited to sample different types of typical German foods and express likes and dislikes about the food using the German language. Students were able to sample Sauerkraut, Pfeffernüsse, Gummibar and Pretzel. All products were made in Germany and purchased from Aldi.

The students approached this learning experience with a huge level of enthusiasm! Many tried Sauerkraut for the very first time and a surprising number of students declared it, ‘wasn’t as bad as I thought!’

It was exciting to see the students engage in both the German culture and language and it was a definite highlight of the term.



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