Drink for Drink Day: Munchie Monster Celebration!

Very exciting news! Next Friday the 7th of December at recess and lunch we are having a Drink for Drink Day!  Our Green Team members will be pedalling to blend delicious fruit smoothies on a Smoothie Bike! Staff and students can pay for their smoothie with 2 x 10c containers. So get organised and bring your 10c recyclables in by next week! Remember it’s on Friday the 7th week 8

Why pay with plastic?  

We were inspired by Indonesia’s second-largest city, Surabaya, your bus ticket is free – if you recycle. The “price” for a bus ride is 5 plastic bottles, or 10 plastic cups, depending on their size. One bus can collect 250 kg of plastic a day – or about 7.5 tonnes a month.

We have decided to use 10c containers as our ‘currency’ for our drink for drink smoothie bike celebration!

Have a look at this video: https://youtu.be/R3p79_SUCtk

Yours truly Finn and Jessica

D18 Green Team

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