The Weekly Wrap

Last Week

  • Our Year 6 students enjoyed their camp to El Shaddai at Wellington. Thank you to Miss Grant and Miss Fischer and volunteer parents for organising and supporting the camp.

This Week

  • We are all looking forward to Craigburn’s Got Talent on Tuesday, which promises to be an enjoyable event. We have many talented students who have been rehearsing and refining their acts, ready for the big day. Families welcome to attend – start time 11.30am.
  • We look forward to sharing in a community morning tea to acknowledge our parent volunteers this Thursday morning, from 10.40am in the school hall. This is an opportunity for us to say thank you to all parents, caregivers and friends who have volunteered throughout the year. Our school and children really benefit from the wonderful support we receive. For catering purposes please check this recent post to inform the school if you are joining us for this event.
  • A great way to finish the week with Drink for Drink Day – Munchie Monster Celebration – details here.

Key Dates to Remember

  • 3/12 Governing Council
  • 4/12 Craigburn’s Got Talent 11.30am in the school hall. Parents welcome.
  • 6/12 Volunteer’s Morning Tea 10.40am
  • 7/12 Celebration Night Rehearsal – Morning
  • 7/12 Drink for Drink Day
  • 10/12 Celebration Night
  • 11/12 Reception – Year 2 Fun Day
  • 12/12 Class Placements / End of Year Reports
  • 12/12 Year 7 Graduation
  • 14/12 End of Year Assembly 10.00am – Early Dismissal 12.30pm


  • Celebration Night – We also look forward to a special gathering of our school community on Monday 10th December where we join together to celebrate the year that was, through song and dance performances by our classes. Details here.
  • Christmas Appeal Casual Day – details here.
  • Year 7 Graduation – At this time of the year, we say farewell to our Year 7 students (and some families too) who will participate in a Graduation dinner and ceremony on Wednesday evening 12th December. This is a special time for students, staff and families where we acknowledge and celebrate the participation of all Year 7 students who have been a central part of our school community over many years.
  • End of Year Assembly – We will have our traditional ‘End of Year Farewell Assembly’ at 10.00am on Friday 14th December. This is a time where we show gratitude for our collective work and efforts throughout the year, as well as farewelling our Year 7 students and other students / staff who are leaving. All parents and friends are welcome to attend.

Staffing / Class Numbers Update

  • With two weeks remaining to end the school year, we are aiming to finalise our staffing allocation for 2019, which is dependent on the department’s central staffing processes. We hope to receive an update from central office soon.

Class Numbers / Placement Update

  • We are in the final stages of configuring classes for 2019 after receiving input from teachers, students and parents.
  • As previously communicated, placing students in classes is a complex and time-consuming process involving multiple factors, including working within departmental guidelines and regulations of starting classes at or below 26 for Reception to Year 2 and 30 for Years 3 to 7.
  • We also need to ensure we have the correct number of classes based on our projected enrolments and the department’s student centred funding model. With varying numbers of students in each year level we will have a mixture of straight year level and composite classes.
  • Students will be informed of their placement on Wednesday 12th December, where they will visit their new class for 2019, after Recess from 11.30am.
  • On the same day, parents / caregivers will be informed via a class placement letter with their child’s end of year report.

End of Year Reports

  • Teachers are finalising end of year student reports based on the growth and achievement of learning aligned with the Australian Curriculum.
  • When receiving your child’s report on Wednesday 12th December, we trust that you will take time to share in your child’s successes and discuss areas for future growth.

Parent Opinion Survey

  • Each year as part of our annual reporting processes to the school community, feedback is gathered from parents, students and staff about the organisation and running of the school. It’s once again that time of the year where we invite you to provide us with feedback about the school via the National Parent Opinion Survey, which will be available for all parents to complete.
  • The survey will be sent to families via letter this week, which will include a link to the survey and a personal access code.
  • Note the survey link for easy access is
  • Thank you (in anticipation) for taking time to complete the survey –  your feedback is valued.
  • The findings of the surveys will be reported to the school community via the 2018 Annual Report.

Celebration Night

  • Reminder our annual Celebration Night is set for Monday 10th December. We are pleased to announce former Craigburn student Georgia Carey will be our guest performer. Some of you may remember Georgia appeared a few years ago on The Voice.

Governing Council and Sub-Committees

  • I would like to thank all members of this year’s Governing Council and from the various sub-committees for their advocacy and support of our school’s operations and programs over the course of the 2018 school year.
  • Strong parent support contributes to our school in so many positive ways, with a highlight from this year being the colour fun run.

Friendly Reminders

  • Please don’t forget that we close at 12.30pm on the last day of term – Friday 14th December. The Governing Council has endorsed this early dismissal as per previous years. The OSHC service will available from this time.
  • Bushfire Ready Procedures.
  • OSHC Parent Handbook and Enrolment form update

Best wishes to all for the week ahead.

Regards, Paul Luke, Principal

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