Volunteer Procedures for Parents and Caregivers

At Craigburn we are fortunate to have the support of many parents, caregivers and friends who may be free and interested in helping their child and the school:

  • on a weekday, helping children with their reading, working in the school garden or library.
  • on weeknights or weekends, by joining a committee, coaching sports or helping with a working bee.
  • for an hour here and there.

There are many opportunities to be involved, including: providing classroom / reading support, accompanying students on excursions / camps, coaching sports teams, helping in the canteen, covering books in the library and helping out on other school committees, events and programs.

As per departmental policy, before commencing a role at school, volunteers are required to:

  • Complete a department’s volunteer application form which includes a declaration.
  • Understand their volunteer role which forms part of the induction with relevant school personnel eg classroom teacher for class support.
  • Sign a Volunteer Agreement form which outlines the school’s and volunteer responsibilities.

The Department for Education has updated its screening policy to make it easier for parents / caregivers to volunteer their time. Online applications are initiated through the front office.

Parents volunteering in their own child’s class will no longer need to undertake a DCSI relevant history screening.

Volunteers only need to obtain a DCSI screening when:

  • parents or caregivers are attending overnight camps
  • sports coaches who are not parents / caregivers of a child in the team
  • homestay families
  • parent volunteers, if their own child is not involved in the activity

 Please contact your child’s class teacher and / or the front office if you would like to volunteer.

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