Parking Outside or Near to School – City of Onkaparinga

The City of Onkaparinga would like to share their expectations with regards to parking outside or near to schools during their hours of operation.

The ‘Australian Road Rules’ give direction on parking restrictions and that which drivers of vehicles are required to comply with.

The rules that are most prevalent to school parking and those which our Community Safety Officers enforce compliance with are as follows:

  • Vehicles must not stop in a NO STOPPING ZONE, even for a few seconds to pick up your child.
  • Vehicles may stop in a NO PARKING ZONE for three minutes of less to pick up a child who is waiting nearby. You must not park or leave the vehicle.
  • Vehicles must not double park, or stop in the line of traffic, to pick up or drop off a child.
  • Vehicles must not stop in a bicycle lane.
  • Vehicles must not stop in a Bus Zones
  • Vehicles must not stop within 20 metres before a crossing or 10 metres after a crossing.
  • Vehicles must not stop within 10 metres of an intersection or junction without traffic lights.
  • Vehicles must not park over driveways
  • Vehicles must not park on the verge

Community Safety Officers recognise that vehicle movement around schools create high risks zones for pedestrian safety and will engage and educate drivers, along with issue fines for illegal parking if appropriate in the circumstances.

We wish everyone to have a successful and safe school year and ask parents to be mindful of their own behaviour around schools, whether in relation to where they park or the respect shown to our Officers trying to ensure safety of others.

Ben Shimeld
Senior Community Ranger – Community Safety

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