Book Week 2019


This year’s theme is ‘Reading is my Secret Power.’

Each year across Australia, The CBCA(Children’s Book Council of Australia) brings children and books together celebrating CBCA Children’s Book Week. During this time schools, libraries, booksellers, authors, illustrators and children celebrate Australian children’s literature.

During this time your child will be involved in the Book Week character dress up day, attending a whole school incursion and a Book Fair.

Book Character Dress Up Day

The Book Week character dress up day will be held on Friday 23rd  of August with a whole school assembly at 9.15am to showcase student costumes.  This year’s theme, Reading is my Secret Power, is an exciting one that enables students to use their imagination by choosing to come dressed as a favourite book character or something associated with the Reading is My Secret Power, theme.

Book Week Incursion Author Jane Jolly

We are privileged and very lucky to have been able to book Jane Jolly a famous Author of many books. She has been booked for Tuesday 3rd of September, Wednesday 4th of September and for half a day on  10th of September.


Jane was born in Adelaide in 1957 and raised at Henley Beach (quite often on the beach!) where she attended the local primary and high school. She then went on to Torrens C.A.E. where she spent three years socialising and emerged as a primary school teacher in 1976. Jane  then left her beachside home-town to teach at Koonibba Aboriginal School, Ceduna Area School, Pt Broughton Area School, Minlaton Primary School and then Strathalbyn Primary School.

Somewhere in between all of that Jane worked as a governess for a year on Commonwealth Hill Station, which was oodles of miles of dirt roads north west of Tarcoola.

In 1992 Jane worked part time as a primary school teacher at Strathalbyn and doing her writing in the evenings and on her days off.

Jane wrote three children’s picture books published by Limelight Press (Limpopo Lullaby illus. Dee Huxley 2004, Glass Tears illus. Di Wu 2005). Both of these books were listed as Notable Books by the CBCA. “Ali the Bold Heart” illustrated by Elise Hurst was released on June 1st 2006 .

“Tea and Sugar Christmas” illustrated by Robert Ingpen and published by NLA was released in 2014. It won an ABIA award for Children’s Small Publisher and a CBCA Honour Award for non-fiction.

“One Step at a Time” illustrated by Sally Heinrich and published by MidnightSun Publishing was released in 2015. Won a CBCA Honour Award in Picture Fiction.

“Radio Rescue!” illustrated by Robert Ingpen and published by NLA was released in 2016.

“Papa Sky” illustrated by Sally Heinrich and published by MidnightSun Publishing was released in 2017. CBCA Notable.

“The Man with Small Hair” illustrated by Andrew Joyner, and published by Little Hare was released in 2018. Top of FormBottom of Form

Jane will deliver three different presentations to our students as outlined below:

JP Presentations:

Where story ideas come from, research involved, artefacts and items related to the stories, make-your-own book ideas, samples of home made books, Q and A

MP Presentations:

Story ideas, research, look at roughs and story-boards of some of the books, artefacts and items related to the books, Q and A

UP Presentations:

Story ideas, look at the initial drafts from some stories, story-boards, illustration roughs, Talk about the complete publishing process from first idea through to published book and how long it takes. Artefacts and items related to the books.

Many of Jane’s books cover issues or world events and so her talks  touch on the English, History and Geography curricula.

Limpopo Lullaby (CBCA Notable) Set in Africa during a flood after a long drought

Glass Tears (CBCA Notable) Set in 1940’s in Australia and Vietnam. Covers history, geography and different cultures and their customs

Ali the Bold Heart (CBCA Notable) Set in Iran and Australia looking at the issue of refugees

Tea and Sugar Christmas (CBCA Honour  ABIA Winner) Set in Australia in the 1950’s. Jane has many artefacts, which go with the story of the Tea and Sugar train. History and Geography

One Step at a Time (CBCA Honour) Set in Asia looking at issue of landmines and different cultures and customs . History and Geography. Jane brings artefacts and a child’s prosthesis to show students

Radio Rescue (WAYRBA Shortlist) Set in 1930 The story of Alf Traeger and the pedal radio in outback Australia. History and Geography. Jane has a Morse code tapper, which she demonstrates.

Papa Sky (CBCA Notable) Set in a cloud forest and looks very subtly at the issues of global warming and the eco-cycle. Geography

Scholastic Book Fair

We will also be holding a Scholastic Book Fair where your child will be  able to purchase affordable books from the Fair. They will be given the opportunity to complete a wish list and bring it home to discuss with you.  Then they simply bring the money to the Resource Centre to purchase the book. Should we sell all copies of a particular book that your child wishes to purchase an order will be placed for them and the book given to them when it arrives at the school.

As the Book Fair is such a valuable event we have decided to run it from Thursday 22nd  August until Tuesday 27th so we can maximise the opportunities for children and families to purchase books.  The Resource Centre will be open from 8.30 am for before school purchases and from 3.10-3.30pm for after school purchases.

There are many wonderful shortlisted books that students will have the opportunity to share in their classroom and then later to borrow. Six books from each category are short listed, including Early Childhood, Picture Books, Younger Readers and Picture Books.

Important Dates to remember:

  • Thursday 22nd August, Tuesday 27th August – Scholastic Book Fair
  • 23rd August – Friday – Book Week Dress Up Day – Assembly from 9.15am.
  • Visiting Author Jane Jolly Tuesday 3rd September, Wednesday 4th September and Tuesday 10th September.

Kind regards,

Nicky Taylor

Senior Leader

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