Sports Team Photos 2019

Sports Team Photos

Information for families

Each year ‘official’ after school sports team photos are taken to retain for school record keeping. It’s always nice to look back at older photos, especially if one of the students goes on to become a high level performer.

These photos will be taken next Monday 25th November from 1:30pm.

Students are asked to bring their ‘sports uniform’ if they still have it. If these have been handed in previously these will be available on the day to change into. Soccer teams (including Aliens) are encouraged to bring socks.

One thought on “Sports Team Photos 2019

  1. Thank you for all the kids that came out for photos in the day. As usual, it was a pleasure to take this years photos. Thank you to Mark Lemmey and Simon Nash for all your help to group the troops this year. Thanks again to all the parents and teachers for helping and reminding the children. Congratulations to all the children for your fantastic sporting efforts this year :). See you again next year. ~ Alice 😊

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