The Weekly Wrap

Dear Families and Friends, thank you for being part of our school community and supporting our learning programs and events over the 2020 school year. We trust it has been an enjoyable and rewarding one for you and your child / children. 

We have valued and appreciated the wide variety of parent / community support and contributions received throughout the year, including – in the canteen, classroom support, sports team coaching / managing, Pedal Prix, Korean Homestay program, excursions, camps, environment helpers, fundraising events, second-hand uniform shop, governing council and more. Our school community has greatly benefited from your generosity and support – thank you.

We would like to acknowledge our students who continue their learning journeys through primary school. Throughout the year, students have consistently demonstrated positive attitudes and behaviours in all aspects of their schooling, eg: class learning programs, after-hours school sports, sports days, fundraisers (eg discos), Pedal Prix, crossing and flag duties, Green Team activities, buddy classes, assemblies, camps / excursions (showing excellent manners), coding club, and much more. 

We also thank our wonderful team of teaching and support staff for their ongoing commitment and professionalism to their roles at Craigburn. We will take the opportunity at Celebration Night to extend our thanks and best wishes to staff who are leaving us. Please read further-on regarding the latest staffing update and additional end of year information.

Last Week

  • Well done and congratulations to all students who participated in Craigburn’s Got Talent last Tuesday. All performances were enjoyed and appreciated by students, staff and families.
  • Thank you to the parents and friends who were able to come along and join in the volunteers morning tea on Thursday. We are fortunate to have high levels of community support at Craigburn.
  • A team of upper primary students attended the Growing with Gratitude program – photos can be viewed on our school’s Facebook Page.

This Week

  • Celebration Night
    • We look forward to seeing families and friends at our annual Celebration Night on Monday evening. The weather forecast looks perfect.
    • Students are required to be at their classrooms by no later than 6.00pm. 
    • We ask families to be considerate of local traffic and parking rules and to be especially mindful not to park / block access to local residents’ driveways.
    • Please bring along a few gold coins for the Celebration Night booklet (with Christmas Carols) and also for the Christmas Raffle. 
  • Christmas Raffle
    • Thank you for the donations (due at school by Monday morning) – tickets on sale on the evening.
  • Christmas Appeal Casual Day on Tuesday – details here.
  • Year 7 Graduation
    • We say farewell to our Year 7 students (and some families too) who will participate in a Graduation dinner and ceremony on Wednesday evening 11th December.
    • This is a special time for students, staff and families where we acknowledge and celebrate the participation of all Year 7 students and families who have been a central part of our school community over many years.
  • End of Year Assembly
    • We will have our traditional ‘End of Year Assembly’ at 10.00am on Friday 13th December.
    • This is a time where we show gratitude for our collective work and efforts throughout the year, as well as farewelling our Year 7 students and other students / staff who are leaving.
    • Parents and friends are welcome to attend.
  • Early Dismissal 
    • Please don’t forget that dismissal is at 12.30pm on the last day of term – Friday 13th December. 
    • The Governing Council has endorsed this early dismissal as per previous years. The OSHC service will available from this time if required.

Staffing Update

  • We are in the final stages of finalising our teaching staff list for 2020. Once this is confirmed, we will provide an update to families via a news post and letter on Wednesday 11th December.
  • As mentioned previously, there will be changes to our teaching staff list for next  year, with: new teacher appointments, teachers leaving / appointed to other sites, teachers returning from or taking leave, and teachers increasing / decreasing their fraction of time. There will also be a number of teachers working in a part-time capacity where classes will be shared.

Class Structures / Class Placement Update

  • We have developed our preferred class structure for 2020 after much consideration and based on our projected enrolments and the requirements of the department’s student-centred funding model. 
  • The new structure supports our ‘professional learning community’ ethos of teachers working in collaborative teams and also to reduce class sizes in the early years of schooling. With varying numbers of students across each year level, we will have a mixture of straight year level and composite classes. We remind students and parents that every class is ‘composite in nature’ regardless of year levels.
  • With this class structure in place, we have finalised the placement of students in classes for 2020. As previously communicated, this has been a complex and time-consuming process involving input from teachers, students and parents.
  • Class placements are final. We will not be in a position to move students. Moving a student from one class to another inevitably changes the environment of multiple class groupings and for this reason, we will not be in a position to move students. 
  • Our teaching and leadership staff have worked carefully and sensitively over many weeks to place students into classes for 2020. We respectfully ask that parents/caregivers support this outcome. Thank you.
  • Please read the recent post Class Placement Update for further information.

End of Year Reports

  • As previously mentioned, teachers are finalising end of year student reports based on the growth and achievement of learning aligned within the Australian Curriculum. 
  • When receiving your child’s report on Wednesday 11th December, we trust that you will take time to share in your child’s successes and discuss areas for future growth.

Material and Services Charges

  • Thank you to the families who responded to our Materials and Services charges poll for 2020, where school fees will be set at $440 for 2020. From the 61 responses we received, 87% of parents voted in favour of endorsing the proposal that the full amount of Materials & Service charge of $440 be legally recoverable.
  • Parents and caregivers will receive information about this when invoices are sent home at the start of the new school year. Note school fees will continue to be inclusive of the following incursions – Footsteps Dance, Music is Fun, Book Week performance and Sports Expo.

Lost Property

  • On Monday evening – all lost property will be spread out on tables under the main verandah.
  • Please check for any items that may have been lost during the term / year. 

Medication / Health Care

  • We remind parents / caregivers that any medication that your child has at school must be collected by 12:30pm on the last day of school or during the following week (please call during school hours to arrange a time).
  • Reminder notes will also be sent home with students, together with new Medication Agreement forms.
  • These forms should be completed and returned to the Front Office at the start of the new 2020 school year. 

We extend our best wishes to all families and friends for a safe, happy and enjoyable school holiday, Christmas and new year.

Paul Luke       Rob Warncken         Nicky Taylor

Principal       Deputy Principal       Senior Leader

The Week Ahead / Key Dates to Remember

  • 09/12    Celebration Night
  • 10/12    Christmas Appeal Casual Day, R,1,2 Fun Day 
  • 11/12     Students meet new classes for 2020 / End of Year Reports / Year 7 Graduation 
  • 12/12    Year 6/7 Excursion
  • 13/12     Last Day of School – End of Year Assembly 10.00am – Early Dismissal 12.30pm
  • 28/01/2020   First day back at school
  • 10/03/2020  Student Free Day – Tuesday 10th March

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Friendly Reminders

  • OSHC Vacation Care for 2019 / 20 – contact OSHC for details and bookings.
  • Reminder to all families to check in with our Bushfire Procedures.
  • Please check the lost property stall in the hallway adjacent to the school canteen for any items that may have been misplaced over last term.

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