The Weekly Wrap

To all families and friends, happy new year and welcome back for the 2020 school year. I hope families enjoyed a safe and relaxing summer break. I’m sure your child / children is / are looking forward to reconnecting with school friends, old and new – and their teachers too!

As we all know, the last month has been a difficult one for many families in South Australia and Australia with the bushfire crisis being front and centre. There are local families and staff who have been directly and indirectly affected by the recent fires. Children and families too, have been impacted by the horrific vision of bushfires through media channels.

In response, our education department has been proactive in providing information and resources to support families and staff. If and when needed, please take time to check in with the department’s Advice to help parents, teachers and students after a bushfire page. 

It is also helpful to know if any families / students have been impacted – and for us to be aware of and provide support as needed. Please contact us if this is the case for your family.

As a school community we would like to make an appropriate and supportive response, which we will determine after discussions with staff, students and members of our governing council.

We are also aware of the outbreak of the respiratory illness ‘coronavirus’ and will closely monitor news and advice from the department and government health authorities. Useful information can be found here.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday morning (school grounds open from 8.30am), ready for the start of lessons at 8.50am. A special welcome to our new reception families and those families and staff starting at Craigburn.

Kind regards

Regards, Paul Luke – Principal

Last Week

Teachers and support staff have been back at school – many for over two weeks preparing for the school year.

As part of our continual school improvement plan, our teaching staff attended a whole day of professional learning last Tuesday on Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI). EDI is a teaching framework combining high-impact teaching strategies and research based instructional practices. The workshop was led by leading educational consultant, Joe Ybarra from Data Works Ed, who is in Australia visiting schools in Adelaide and Perth. Teaching staff were fully engaged in the workshop and are excited to be further developing and refining their instructional teaching practices.

This Week

  • Tuesday 28/1 – Welcome back assembly 10.20am – school hall
  • Tuesday 28/1 to Friday 31/1 – From 12.30pm – New Reception Family Interviews.

New Staff

We welcome the following new and returning (from leave) staff to Craigburn and wish them all a successful start to their appointments.

  • Sonia Caruso – Reception
  • Genna Dow – Reception
  • Amy Lawson – Year 1 (Mt, T, W, Th)
  • Adele Taylor – Year 1 (F)
  • Pip Tonkin – Year 2
  • Anita Wright – Year 2
  • Tristan Fergusson – Year 3/4 (Th, F)
  • Steven Webster – Year 5/6
  • Natalie Shearer – Year 5/6
  • Jack Walton – SSO, Learning Support


Last year our staff engaged in professional learning in the area of Interoception which has many benefits for our students. This year and beginning this week, we will be implementing interoception activities each day after recess and lunch. Interoception is our 8th sense and involves understanding and recognising all of the signals that happen inside our bodies. Please look out for a future news blog post from Senior Leader, Nicky Taylor, who is leading our work in this area.

The Term Ahead

We have a number of key dates / events to finalise for our 2020 school calendar – to be published soon. In the interim, please note the following dates / events:

  • Tuesday 10/3 – Student Free Day (a joint professional development day for all schools within our local partnership).
  • Friday 20/3 – Sports Day
  • Monday 23/3 to Friday 27/3 – Year 3-5 Swimming
  • Monday 23/3 and Tuesday 24/3 – Year 7 Aquatics
  • Tuesday 25/3 and Thursday 26/3 – Year 6 Aquatics
  • Thursday 9/4 – End of Term 1

To Note

As we return to school, please take note of the following school information and procedures.

First Day – Take Home Packs

On Tuesday, your child will be taking home a white envelope, containing the following information:

  • Student Personal Data form – please check details thoroughly and sign before returning to school in the white envelope – either in person at the front office or via your child’s class teacher.
  • Materials and Services Charge with payment information and options.

Please ensure you promptly return the student information updates. During the year any changes to contact numbers need to be communicated to the school as soon as they occur.  

Arriving at School

The school is open for students and families from 8.30am. For safety reasons, we ask that students do not come onto school grounds unsupervised before this time. Teachers will begin opening classrooms with classes commencing at 8.50am. Students are expected to wait outside their classrooms upon arrival.

The first few minutes of the school day are very important as this is when daily notices and reminders about events are given, notes are collected, communication books are checked, the student diary is shared and a range of other important organisational matters are dealt with. Students who arrive even a few minutes late, often miss this valuable information and disadvantage themselves.

If your child is going to be absent please contact the school by phone (leave a message) or by email.

Safety, Traffic and Parking

Parents are reminded to follow local council traffic and parking rules and to be in consideration of local residents, when using the ‘drop-off and pick-up’ zone and when parking adjacent to the school for any length of time. The staff car park is not to be used for the drop off and pick up of children as doing so is dangerous and causes congestion – unless using the disability access park.

Parents are not permitted to park within the staff car park, unless prior to 7.30am and after 5.00pm – for OSHC reasons or attending after-hours meetings. Parents are able to access the disability park in staff car when displaying the relevant permit. Please contact the front office for emergency access.

Hats and Sun Safety

Craigburn Primary School is a recognised Sun Smart School. The Sun Smart Policy is reviewed every two years in consultation with Cancer SA who endorse the school policy. To ensure students are protected from the sun, all students must wear a legionnaire style or broad brimmed hat when outdoors during the months of September through to May. Students do not need to wear a hat during the winter months of June, July and August.

Students are encouraged to bring their sunscreen to school which they can apply before outdoor activities and lunch times.

Lost and Found Library Books

If you happened to come across any library books during the holidays we would appreciate you returning them to school so that they can be made available for others to borrow. Please return all books even if they are damaged so we can repair or replace them.

Lesson / Bell Times

8.30am      Students are allowed on school grounds. Students may enter their classrooms, at the teachers’ discretion.

8.50am      Siren sounds and the school day begins. Students arriving late must sign in at the front office.

10.50am    Morning Recess

11.20am    Morning lessons continue

12.50pm   Children eat their lunch in the classroom

1.00pm     Lunch play

1.30pm     Lessons resume.

3.10pm     Children are dismissed.        

The playgrounds / equipment and play areas can be used after school with parent / caregiver supervision.

School Sport

  • Information to be published soon.

The Weekly Wrap

  • The Weekly Wrap, published the evening before the first school day of the week (mostly Sunday), aims to provide families with relevant information, key events and friendly reminders for the week ahead as well as a short summary from the previous school week.

Friendly Reminders

  • SunSmart – Parents are encouraged to provide their child / children with sunscreen – teachers remind students to apply as needed.
  • As per Bushfire procedures – all students to have a labelled towel and water bottle kept in the class.

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