School Cricket 2020

We are now putting together teams for 2020. School cricket operates in Terms 1 and 4 for students in Year 2 to Year 7.

Please note:

  • We welcome both BOYS and GIRLS to join our teams.
  • All players or prospective players need to register their interest even if they have been in a team before.
  • Teams Need Nominating By Thursday 6th February. Enquiries After That Date Can Not Be Guaranteed A Place On The Team

Why do Cricket?
Cricket is the world’s second most popular spectator sport and provides a fun way for children of all ages to stay or get in shape. Cricket improves speed, agility, flexibility and reflexes. It increases concentration, the ability to think strategically and utilise decision making skills. Cricket also prizes sportsmanship and fair play.  Self-control, integrity and respect  for others is central to the game of cricket. Many children who are otherwise reluctant to take part in team sports turn out to be well suited to cricket.

What is involved?
Cricket involves training for one hour a week after school, and a game on Saturday mornings. At Primary School level Cricket matches last about an hour and a half at the junior levels and about two and a half hours in the B and A Grades, which makes for an enjoyable Saturday morning of Cricket for both players and spectators. The children can get a cricket hat and polo top with the player’s names on the back which makes Craigburn Primary School stand out from the rest and makes the players feel very proud to be representing their School. Children who play all season also receive a trophy at the end of the year.

Craigburn has a great reputation for sport and have been very successful at Cricket over the years. We hope to continue the trend.

There are four different grades of competition A, B, C and Kanga.  Rules are modified for each grade.   Cricket has the following team eligibility criteria:
Year 7                         A grade
Year 6                         B grade or A grade
Year 5                         C grade or B grade
Year 4                         C grade
Year 3                         SACA Cricket Blast (formerly Kanga cricket)
Year 2                         SACA Cricket Blast (formerly Kanga cricket)

Not sure? Indicate your interest with me (via email before 6th February.

Keen? To register your interest please click on the relevant registration form below (copies also available from the front office). If paying via the Qkr! App go to the app to register and pay there. (Qkr! available from Monday 3rd Feb)

  • Year 4-7 Cricket Registration Form 2020
  • Year 2 and 3 interested in SACA Cricket Blast need to send an email ( as an expression of interest, by 6th February. Registration information will be forwarded once numbers are confirmed.

(Hard copies available from the front office if preferred 4-7)

Coaches Required

As happens every year we have coaches move on and we are now seeking expressions of interest from parents willing to assist in coaching the children.  If you are interested in assisting with coaching please contact Mark Lemmey (details below)

This requires facilitating an hour of training after school one night and a short game on a Saturday morning. If being available after school is a problem then we are happy to consider training taking place later in the evening – starting at 5 or even as late as 6.00pm. Also it is possible for two parents to combine efforts. If you may be able to help, ring me for an informal chat.

Mark Lemmey
Cricket Coordinator