Preparing for Term 2

Dear Families

Again, we take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday / Easter break. 

Over the last 4 days, staff have worked tirelessly to prepare for Term 2, which as we know will look very different to what would normally be the case.

This has involved creating new virtual learning spaces for students / families to access, whether at school or home.

We are very proud of the way our teaching and support staff have worked collaboratively throughout the week. They have been learning to use new online tools and design various ways to deliver content to students at home / school.

Teachers are excited to share with you their new virtual learning spaces (class blog), containing an initial welcome post. Teachers will be sending through access details via a Seesaw post, containing the class blog address and password.

Class blogs and Seesaw will be used to share daily learning programs and activities for students who are learning at home or school.

There is a lot more information and detail which we will be posting to families over the next two weeks.

We thank families who have completed the Parent Survey / Home Technology Questionnaire. We still have 25% of families who have not yet responded. If you have not responded, we ask that you do so as soon as possible. This information will help our planning. Please click here to complete the survey.

Please also check in with our previous post.

Stay safe – take care

Kind regards, Paul, Rob and Nicky.