COVID-19 Update #19

Dear Parents and Carers

Staff have enjoyed reconnecting with students and families this week with an average attendance of approximately 75% learning at school with 25% learning at home.

We have been very pleased with the manner in which students and families have engaged with remote learning, both at home and school. Thank you to those of who have provided feedback. Teachers and support staff have embraced the opportunity to refresh and learn new skills, which they are looking forward to further utilising to complement future learning programs.

We appreciate everyone’s efforts to support the school by taking time to read through our ongoing COVID-19 updates and responding to requests when necessary (eg attendance surveys). Thank you also to those of you who have been supporting your child/ren’s learning at home and providing updates re school attendance.

With the anticipated easing of COVID-19 restrictions in South Australia we expect to see an increase in school attendance next week to somewhere between 85-95%. As a result, we will be transitioning back to face-to-face teaching. We understand though, that there will be some families who will continue with the ‘learning at home’ option for their child/ren for specific health / family reasons.

In planning ahead for the second week of term, we ask only those families who will be continuing with the ‘learning at home’ option to complete and submit a Term 2 Week 2+ Learning at Home Survey. This will help us determine which students will be learning at home in Week 2+ and provide us with an indication of how long the ‘learning at home’ option might continue.

If you intend to continue to support your child/ren learning at home for Week 2 + please complete the Term 2 Week 2+ Learning at Home Survey asap. (Click link / see further below)          

We are also planning for a return to normal school operations based on advice from the Chief Public Health Officer and state government. Though, we expect many school operations and procedures to be revised and / or adjusted due to the evolving nature of COVID-19.

For the meantime, we would like to stress the importance of parents / carers adhering to our current social distancing measures (as per last post), which involve limiting the number of adults on school grounds and remaining outside of classrooms when dropping off and collecting children.

Once again, we thank you for your ongoing support and care.

Kind regards


Paul Luke – Principal