Canteen News

With the holidays just around the corner, we would like to thank the school community for their continued support of the canteen.  It has been a very busy term despite everything else that we have all faced in the last few months.

We are happy to hear that all of our volunteers are able to return in Term 3 and we look forward to seeing you all.  The roster will be sent out during the holidays.

We would like to say a big Thank You to Ms Fischer and her students in B11 who have assisted in the canteen and helped us get all of the lunches out on time – especially on Thursday’s and Friday’s which are our busiest days.  The students have been fantastic!  Always eager to listen and work as a team with both Sue’s.  Ms Fischer’s ongoing support has been very much appreciated.  Thank you also to all the other students who have helped serve at recess and lunch time.

We would also like to thank Liann Delgado for stepping in and covering Sue Letheby’s shifts whilst she was unwell.

Enjoy the holidays and take care!

Sue and Sue

Canteen Managers