Science Week

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Science Week. With this year’s theme being Deep Blue : Innovation for the future of our oceans, most of our science activities involved water.

The Reception students enjoyed some water play at lunch time, investigating what items would float and sink.

Receptions testing sinking and floating


The Year 1 and 2 students investigated how the surface area of an item will determine whether it floats and if an item is solid or hollow and how that effects it’s buoyancy. They had lots of fun making a plasticine boat and testing it’s buoyancy.

Year 1's and 2's testing their plasticine boats


The Year 3/4 students completed a STEM challenge, designing and making a buoy that would remain upright during stormy weather. Students had access to plastic bottles, marbles and stones (weights), bubble wrap, tape, string and hot glue guns to make their buoy.

Year 3/4's testing buoyancy


The Year 5/6 students have been investigating viscosity. They have been designing an investigation to test the hypothesis: If a liquid is heated, then the viscosity will be reduced.  A bit messy, but lots of fun!

The Year 7 students have been working on 3D computer assisted design (CAD).  They are developing short tutorials which can be used to teach younger students how to use Tinkercad.  Some of them have been designing and fabricating useful objects.

One student replicated the insert from this tape dispenser, a vital part that often breaks or goes missing.


John Spurr & Brooke Hamden