Craigburn’s Got Talent 2020

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned for Craigburn’s Got Talent 2020!

It was fantastic to see the variety of performances presented and the hard work put in by all our talented students. It is always extremely difficult to select the finalists.

Below is a list of the people who have made the Finals and who will be performing their item on Monday 7th December at 11:30am.

Name Yr/Class Item
Tori N Yr 1/E24 Singing
Cooper W Yr 5/B13 Comedy
Mia A Yr 6/B13 Dance
Ella G Yr 3/C16 Irish Dance
Ella S Yr 4/C16 Dance
Rachel G Yr 4/C14 Piano
Lillian S Yr 4/C15 Piano
Sophie V, Olivia G, Evie B, Tahnee M, Alyssa W Yr 4/C14, C15 Comedy
Emma C, Mahali Yr 5/B9, B12 Dance
Shayla H, Ruby T, Aiden C Yr 6/B8, B11, B13 Song
Eloise S, Abbie M, Alexis V Yr 5/B12 Singing
Abbie T, Abby M, Alexis R Yr 4/C17 Dance
Nikita D-W, Molly C, Ashlyn B, Indi H, Ayla T Yr 3-4/C16 Dance

Well done everyone!

~Mr Marin