The Weekly Wrap – Term 4 Week 9 – 2020

Dear Families and Friends, what an incredible year we’ve had!

We can confidently say that our school community has embraced the challenges of 2020 with optimism and a ‘can do attitude.’ This has been most evident through the genuine care, support and goodwill we have seen by families as we’ve adapted to the ongoing COVID situation. 

Despite not having the same in-school support as we normally experience, we thank you for being part of our community and supporting us throughout 2020. Special thanks to parents and friends who supported our external school review earlier this year, as well as those who volunteered to support camps and sports programs throughout the year. 

Craigburn students have been wonderful this year. They have consistently demonstrated positive attitudes to their learning, upheld our school values and been involved in the broader aspects of school life, including: after-hours school / Sapsasa sports, sports days, senior choir, special days, SRC / SLC, crossing and flag duties, school garden activities, buddy classes, assemblies, camps / excursions, coding club, and much more. We trust they have had an enjoyable and rewarding year.

We would like to thank all members of this year’s Governing Council for their advocacy and support of our school’s operations and programs. Special thanks to Katelyn Adams (Chair), Larissa Chapman, Belinda Cece, Kylie Basley, Lisa Barkham, Jane Syme, Sam Slattery, Steve Bottrill, Jodie Williams, Kathryn Stone, Catherine Argent and Alice Hilberdink. We say farewell to Lisa and Jane who have been long-standing councillors and great supporters of Craigburn over many years. Strong parent support contributes to our school in so many positive ways. 

We look forward to acknowledging and celebrating our graduating Year 7 students on Wednesday evening at the Capri Theatre and sharing a special luncheon with them on Thursday. Our Year 7 students have been fabulous this year, accepting and bouncing back from the disappointment of not being able to visit Canberra in June, and being short-changed on their recent camp to Wallaroo. They are a terrific bunch of young people with bright futures ahead of them.

Each year we farewell families – many of whom have been heavily involved in school life. We thank you for your support over the years and extend our best wishes for the future. Thank you for being part of the Craigburn Primary School community. 

Our teaching and support staff have met the challenges of the 2020 school year with positivity, collegiality, professionalism and a genuine commitment to do their best for the children in their care. They hit the ground running at the start of the year with a successful external school review, and took on the challenges of remote learning when COVID hit in March. Their ongoing work in embracing and implementing evidence based teaching practices has further developed and strengthened students’ literacy / numeracy skills – through InitiaLit reading, explicit direct instruction (EDI) lessons, Spelling Mastery, Weekly Reviews. Assessments and learning data have reflected this growth. A big thank you to all teachers for their excellent work. 

Likewise, we would like to thank our learning support and front office teams of school support officers. They have led intervention programs, provided invaluable support for students with additional needs and kept school operations running smoothly. Their efforts have been first class. 

Thank you to Rob Warncken and Nicky Taylor, whose leadership and support across all facets of school life have been outstanding. 

Four student school days left for the year, remembering Thursday’s dismissal is at 3.10pm. We look forward to an enjoyable last week and will sign off next Sunday with our final ‘Holiday Wrap’ for the year.


Paul, Rob and Nicky

The Week Ahead / Key Dates to Remember

  • 07/12   Craigburn’s Got Talent
    • Well done to all students who auditioned. We look forward to seeing this year’s finalists perform on Monday.
  • 08/12    Christmas Appeal Casual Day, R,1,2 Fun Day 
  • 09/12   Students meet new classes for 2021 / End of Year Reports / Year 7 Graduation 
    • We say farewell to our Year 7 students (and some families too) who will participate in a Graduation ceremony on Wednesday evening 9th December at the Capri Theatre.
  • 10/12   Last Day of School – End of Year Assembly, Year 7 Luncheon, Normal Dismissal
    • We host our traditional ‘End of Year Assembly’ at 10.00am This is a time where we show gratitude for our collective work and efforts throughout the year, as well as farewelling our Year 7 students and other students / staff who are leaving.
    • Please don’t forget that school finishes at the normal time of 3.10pm.
    • The OSHC service is available.
  • 11/12   Student Free Day – OSHC Open
  • 27/01/2021   First Day back at school

Staffing Update

  • We are in the final stages of finalising our teaching staff list for 2021. Once confirmed, we will provide an update to families via a news post, most likely on Wednesday 9th December.
  • As mentioned previously, there will be changes to our teaching staff list for next year, with: new teacher appointments, teachers leaving / appointed to other sites, teachers returning from or taking leave, and teachers increasing / decreasing their fraction of time. There will also be a number of teachers working in a part-time capacity where classes will be shared.

Class Structures and Class / Student Placement Update

  • We have developed our preferred class structure for 2021 after much consideration and based on our projected enrolments and the requirements of the department’s student centred funding model. 
  • The new structure supports teachers working in collaborative teams and reduces class sizes in the early years of schooling. With varying numbers of students across each year level there will be a mixture of straight year level and composite classes. 
  • With this class structure in place, we are in the final stages of placing students in classes for 2021. As previously communicated, this has been a complex and time-consuming process involving input from teachers, students and parents.
  • Class placements will be final. We will not be in a position to move students. Moving a student from one class to another inevitably changes the environment of multiple class groupings and for this reason, we will not be in a position to move students. 
  • We respectfully ask that parents / caregivers do not approach current teachers regarding class placements.
  • Please read the recent post Class Placement Update for further information.

End of Year Reports

  • Teachers are finalising end of year student reports based on the growth and achievement of learning aligned within the Australian Curriculum. 
  • When receiving your child’s report on Wednesday 9th December, we trust that you will take time to share in your child’s successes and discuss areas for future growth.

Material and Services Charge for 2021

  • Thank you to the families who responded to our Materials and Services charges poll for 2021.
  • From the 49 responses we received, 96% of parents voted in favour of approving the Governing Council’s proposal that the Materials & Service charge is set at $440 for the 2021 school year.
  • This means all parents and caregivers (excluding approved School Card holders) are liable for this charge.
  • Parents and caregivers will receive information about this when invoices are sent home at the start of the new school year. 

Lost Property

  • Please ask your child to check for any items that may have been lost during the term / year. 
  • Reminder in this recent post.

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Friendly Reminders

  • OSHC Vacation Care for 2020 / 21 – contact OSHC for details and bookings.
  • Please check the lost property stall in the hallway adjacent to the school canteen for any items that may have been misplaced over last term.