Term 4 German Update

It’s hard to believe we’re almost at the end of the 2020 school year! The German room has been a VERY busy learning space this term with all students engaging in a variety of different activities.

Here is a snapshot of what has been happening!

Junior Primary:

This term the Reception children have been working through learning tasks revising how to talk about colours and numbers in German. The children have enjoyed a range of songs, games and hands on activities to practice this language and have had a lot of fun along the way – particularly when they learnt to play Kahoot for the first time!

The Year 1 and 2 students have been focussing on clothing. They firstly developed their own vocabulary list using the Languagenut app and then designed an outfit for a character to wear. They then constructed a script describing the clothing and colours before recording using iMovie and sharing on SeeSaw! The students did a fabulous job working through each step and were all very proud of their final product.

Year 3/4:

The Year 3/4 students started Term 4 with a focus on time. The students worked through a series of learning tasks with each building on the skills of the one before. Students developed their skills using resources such as whiteboards, analogue clocks, SeeSaw activities, Kahoot and class games. As students had recently worked through a unit focussing on time in their classrooms, this was the perfect time to introduce the idea in German!

Year 5/6:

Year 5/6 students had a go at writing poetry in German this term! After watching a tourist video about Berlin students chose 6 attractions/locations in Berlin that they wanted to learn more about. From these 6 selections students then chose two to write poetry about. The poem type is called an ‘Elfchen’ which is made up of 11 words over 5 lines. The students initially wrote a poem in English and then one in German. After publishing they then shared these on SeeSaw.

Year 7:

Over Term 4 the Year 7 students have been working on their very final German primary school task. The first step was for the students to compose a script about themselves in German. They included information such as their name, birthday, age, hobbies, friends, favourite colours, favourite sports and so on. Once this was completed they used a range of strategies to rehearse their script and make sure they were confident on all of the language. Students were then given a blank silhouette of a face and they used a range of mediums to create a collage about themselves. The final step was to use iMovie to record their script over their collage and share on Seesaw. It was a fantastic way for our oldest students to share and celebrate all of their German learning!

Finally – over this term many of our students have been creating gifts for our new Reception students beginning school next year. They have been creating Schultüten (school cones given to German students on their first day of school) as well as colour and number cards to begin their German learning. Our students have enjoyed creating these gifts for our youngest students.