The Weekly Wrap – Term 1 Week 3 – 2021

In interacting with students, teachers and support staff over the last two weeks, it has been pleasing to see positive relationships being formed. Building quality relationships between school and home, especially at the start of a school is also important to develop, for both teachers, students and parents alike. Building these quality relationships forms the foundation for children to experience success in learning.

At Craigburn, we highly value the community culture we have as a result of the partnerships formed with families. Acquaintance Evening serves as an opportunity for students, teachers and families to further build and strengthen these partnerships at the start of the school year.  Teachers and students have established welcoming learning environments and are very keen to share them with families. Students play an important role in preparing for the evening where teachers assist them to develop and practise skills in communication, organisation, problem solving, critical and creative thinking and self-confidence

Due to current COVID restrictions and social distancing requirements, Acquaintance Evening will run slightly different than in the past. Please note:

  • classrooms will be opened from 5.30 to 6.50pm
  • only 1 parent / caregiver per family will be able to attend one of 4 x 20 minute time-slots offered – capped at 10 adults per time

Please check in the recent post for further details re COVID restrictions, attendance and booking arrangements.

Best wishes to all for the week ahead.

Paul, Rob and Nicky.

Term 1 Planner

  • With COVID restrictions in place, we will continue to update our planner as dates for events / activities are confirmed.
    • Tuesday 9/2 Safer Internet Day – worth checking these resources from the eSafety Commissioner.
    • Friday 12/2 – School Group Tour – prospective school families
    • Tuesday 16/2 – Acquaintance Evening
    • Monday 22/2 – Annual General Meeting
    • Friday 5/3 – Student Free Day
    • Monday 8/3 – Adelaide Cup Public Holiday
    • Good Friday 2/4
    • Easter Monday 5/4
    • Friday 9/4 – End of Term 1
  • To be confirmed:
    • Reception – Year 2 Swimming
    • Year 3-5 Swimming
    • Year 6/7 Aquatics
    • Team Assemblies 
    • Student-led conferences

Annual General Meeting

  • The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Governing Council will be held on Monday 22nd February in the Hall, commencing at 6:30pm and concluding at 8.00pm. Prior to the meeting there will be light refreshments available from 6:00pm. 
  • The AGM is a great opportunity to celebrate and share in our school’s achievements and highlights of 2020 and your chance to talk to staff and current Governing Council members. 
  • Details to follow soon.

iPad Parent Induction Sessions

  • If you are a parent / caregiver of a child in Years 2-7 and would like more information re future induction sessions, please contact Deputy Principal, Rob Warncken.

COVID Related

  • Please check in with the latest update post if not already done so.
  • Important information can be found here.
  • Drink taps and water fountains in schools – SA Health encourages parents to provide children with their own personal, labelled and named drink water bottles. These can then be refilled at the drink fountains or water taps, rather than children drinking directly from the taps.

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Friendly Reminders

  • SunSmart
    • Parents are encouraged to provide their child / children with sunscreen – teachers will remind students to apply as needed.
  • As per Bushfire procedures
    • All students to have a labelled towel and water bottle kept in the class.
  • Early Morning Arrival
    • Students are allowed to start arriving at school from 8:30am, unless attending OSHC. Students who are on the school grounds before 8.30am will be directed to the front office as teachers are not on duty prior to this time. 
    • Classrooms are generally open from 8:40am and students may enter the buildings to put away their bags, talk to the teacher and get organised for the day. 
    • The school siren sounds at 8.50am indicating all students need to be in their classrooms ready to start the school day.
  • Staff Car Park and Local Traffic
    • A friendly reminder that the staff car park is for staff only and for families displaying a ‘disability parking permit’. Keeping all children safe is our priority, so please do not use the staff car park to drop or collect children, unless pre-arranged with the front office.
    • A reminder too, for all families and friends to exercise caution and patience at arrival and dismissal times. Traffic and parking regulations are in place and will be acted upon by Rangers from the Onkaparinga Council.