Reminder Rec – Year 2 Swimming Week 1

We hope that everyone has enjoyed the last few days of the school holidays.

A reminder that all Reception to Year 2 classes are attending swimming sessions at the Marion Aquatic Centre in the first week back of Term 2, beginning Tuesday 26th April.

Make sure you have the bathers, towel etc. ready to go!

Please again note the information from previous posts:

 Please note these again below:

We ask that schools advise parents not to attend due to COVID restrictions, only volunteers assisting with supervision and necessary bus ratios may be in attendance.

All teachers, SSOs and volunteers must scan the QR code at the gate.

The change rooms have number restrictions therefore we will use a “Get In, Participate, Get Out” procedure which means students:

  1. Arrive at centre in bathers, dressing gown or a windcheater etc, thongs or slip on shoes,  towel and goggles.
  2. Participate.
  3. Get out of pool and dry themselves, put on dressing gown or windcheater etc and board bus.
  4. Change back at school.

We will however be organising our own changing areas (not toilets) at school. It will be a couple of spare rooms – windows etc. covered over.

Considering this information it is recommended that students perhaps bring along an extra towel or extra clothing that is easy to slip on/off that can be worn/used during bus transport.

Thank you for your understanding with these different arrangements for this year.
Rob Warncken
Deputy Principal