COVID-19 Update – Arrangements for Wednesday 28 July

Thank you all for your support over the period of the lockdown. One more day to go.

We look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Wednesday.

Provided we don’t have any new unlinked cases of COVID-19, we can expect to reopen Craigburn Primary School to all students from Wednesday 28 July. 

Learning at Home will only be provided for students that are required to self-isolate as directed by SA Health. If your child or a member of your family have significant vulnerabilities please let us know.

Please ensure you follow the below restrictions for the next week or until otherwise advised.

  • Limiting adults on site. If possible, please drop off and collect your child/ren at the school entrances. Adhere to physical distancing at all times. (Please be patient around drop off / pick up times as these areas are likely to be extra busy).
  • Use the QR codes at the entrances if you need to enter school grounds.
  • When picking up your child/ren please leave as soon as possible. Please do not use playgrounds.
  • Do not enter classrooms. If needed, please contact your child’s teacher via email.
  • Limit contact in the front office where possible – please phone or email us if needed.
  • Do not send your child/ren to school if they are unwell in any way.
  • Students and school staff may choose to wear masks.
  • No after school sports, or events after school will occur until further notice. A reminder that Sapsasa Boys Netball for this Thursday and Soccer for Friday are postponed until further notice.

Please contact us on if you have any questions or concerns. 

Kind regards

Paul, Rob and Nicky