COVID-19 Update – Return to School

We look forward to seeing everyone back at school tomorrow, Wednesday 28 July. Thank you once again for your support with the home learning program along with our teaching and support staff for their efforts.

A special shout out to all students who have been fabulous in engaging with the home learning program, whether at home or at school.

Today, the Premier announced that schools, preschools and children’s centres will reopen to all students tomorrow. We will not be offering an alternative home-based learning program unless your child is impacted by SA Health quarantine orders. As the Chief Public Health Officer said, just because the hard lockdown is being lifted does not mean that the risks associated with COVID-19 have passed.

SA Health and the Department have provided schools with further information regarding the return to school.

Please note the following information:

Face masks

SA Health has advised that due to the biological nature of the virus combined with human behaviour, there is a real risk of further COVID-19 transmission in the South Australian community. The New South Wales outbreak also remains a serious and ongoing concern. 

A key protection that allows us to return to our normal daily activities while these risks remain is the use of face masks. When the lockdown period ends at 12.01am Wednesday 29 July 2021 masks will be required in a range of settings including all indoor public areas.

Face masks in primary schools

  • Students in primary schools are not required to wear face masks, however may choose to do so.
  • Teachers and support staff while indoors are required to wear face masks, except when teaching or engaging with students.
  • If parents / caregivers need to enter school grounds – face masks must be worn.
  • All students and adults must wear face masks when on school buses and public transport.
  • Your child might have questions about wearing masks. It’s important we continue to follow SA Health advice and your continued cooperation is greatly appreciated as we help students and staff with this necessary change.

Ongoing Restrictions

A reminder for families to adhere to the following restrictions for at least the next 7 days.

  • We strongly encourage students to enter the school grounds by themselves. 
  • Similarly, at the end of the school day, we ask students to meet parents / caregivers outside the school grounds. You might like to discuss a suitable meeting point with your child/ren. 
  • If any parent / caregiver needs to enter the school grounds, face masks must be worn and QR codes must be used.
  • Adhere to physical distancing at all times. (Please be patient around drop off / pick up times as these areas are likely to be extra busy).
  • When dropping off / collecting your child/ren please leave as soon as possible. Do not use playgrounds.
  • Do not enter classrooms. If needed, please contact your child’s teacher via email.
  • Limit contact in the front office where possible – please phone or email if needed.
  • Do not send your child/ren to school if they are unwell in any way.
  • No after-hours school sports, or events (including training) will occur until further notice. 

Thank you very much for your support during the lockdown. We look forward to having your child back at school tomorrow.

Kind regards

Paul, Rob and Nicky