Reporting Student Absences

Just a friendly reminder for parents in relation to the reporting of student absences.

Please refer to previous post

We do ask that when sending a student absence via text or if leaving a voice mail message, that you include the reason for the absence e.g Illness, Family Reasons, Appointment.  This is required for accurate record keeping.

If your child is going to be absent for 3 or more days for planned leave e.g Family Holiday, Medical Reasons – you will be required to complete an Exemption Form.  These can be obtained from the Front Office upon request.

If your child has been marked on the class roll as Unexplained, you will receive a text message at approximately 9:30am asking you to confirm the reason for their absence.  We do ask that you respond to this message as soon as practical.

Students are also required to present to the front office and sign in upon late arrival.

Thank you kindly for your cooperation.