The Weekly Wrap – Term 4 Week 5 – 2021

Dear families and friends – thank you for taking the time to read through this week’s weekly wrap. 

Reception Transition Visits

A special welcome this Wednesday to all children and families (especially those new to Craigburn) for the first of three Reception transition visits, in preparation for starting school next year.


We would like to acknowledge our teaching staff who have been great supporters of school camps over many years. Last week, two successful camps took place, with the Year 3s at Nunyara Belair and Year 5s at El Shaddai, Wellington.

School camps have many benefits in providing outdoor education to students, giving them the opportunity to make new friends, foster independence, build confidence and have fun. It also helps them overcome feelings of anxiety and homesickness, and build resilience.

Over the next two weeks our Year 6 and 7 students head to Kangaroo Island, where we wish them all the very best for what promises to be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Special thanks to parents who have assisted with supervision on these camps. 

Material and Services Charges – Polling Letter

This week you will receive in the mail, a Materials and Services Charges ‘watermarked notice’ for 2022 and a Polling Letter.

As you will read in the polling letter, the Craigburn Primary School governing council has approved a proposed materials and services charge for 2022 to the amount of $440 – a nil increase from the previous 2 years.

The Materials and Services (M and S) Charge contributes to the cost of providing essential items and services used or consumed by individual students during the course of their learning. This includes printed and electronic materials, access to books, stationery supplies, curriculum materials, printing and copying for use in the educational program, library and information technology resources. 

Please note, the M and S Charge also covers the cost of all school incursions, including Footsteps, Book Week and Music performances. Prior to 2019, these incursions were invoiced separately to families to the value of $30 – $40.

The governing council believes the M and S Charge for 2022 at $440 per student represents great value at roughly $11 per student / school week.

As the proposed materials and services charge of $440 is greater than the legislated prescribed amount of $253 for a primary student, as referenced in the Education and Children’s Services Act, the Governing Council is required undertake a poll to gain majority support from the school community for this proposed charge to be compulsory, and therefore recoverable in full. 

The governing council therefore seeks your support for the proposed 2022 Materials and Services Charge of $440 to be compulsory.

If the majority of parents support the governing council’s proposal that the materials and services charge be compulsory then all parents, caregivers (excluding approved School Card holders) are liable for this charge.

Each family is entitled to one vote per student per poll, with a majority based on the number of respondents.  

If you have any questions, please contact Paul (Principal) or myself. 

Katelyn Adams – Governing Council Chairperson

Class Structure / Student Placement for 2022

  • We are currently determining our class structure for 2022 and are set to begin the student placement process in preparation for the new school year.
  • Please refer to the recent post for more information.

Student Activities

Please check in with the recent posts regarding these activities.

Friendly Reminders 

  • Our final Student Free Day Reminder is scheduled for Friday 26 November – OSHC service will be open on this day
  • Reception Transition Days for our 2022 Reception Intake will occur on Wednesdays of Weeks 5, 6 and 7, being the 10th, 17th and 24th of November. 
  • Leaving Craigburn in 2022? Aside from Year 6 and 7 students graduating at the end of this year – if your child will not be returning to Craigburn Primary School in 2022, please inform the front office. This will help us with our forward planning for the 2022 school year. Thank you.
  • School opens at 8.30am – students should not be on school grounds prior to this time unless supervised by a parent / caregiver. Similarly, after school, students should not be staying on grounds after school unless accompanied by an adult (and including sports practice).
  • Please check the lost property station adjacent to the hall toilets for any items that may have been misplaced.

Term 4 Planner 

Please note, with the ongoing COVID situation, we continue to follow the advice from SA Health and directions set by the Department and SAPOL. We will keep you informed of any changes to the events listed below.

Current as Sunday 7th November 2021 – subject to amendments.

Week 5

  • Monday 8/11 – Craigburn’s Got Talent Auditions
  • Tuesday 9/11 – Friday 12/11 – Year 6 Camp Kangaroo Island
  • Wednesday 10/11 – Reception Transition Visit 1
  • Thursday 11/11 – Remembrance Day

Week 6

  • Tuesday 16/11 – Friday 19/11 – Year 7 Camp Kangaroo Island
  • Wednesday 17/11 – Reception Transition Visit 2

Week 7

  • Wednesday 24/11 – Reception Transition Visit 3
  • Thursday 25/11 – Gala Day
  • Friday 26/11 – Student Free Day – staff working onsite

Week 8

  • Tuesday 30/11 – Craigburn’s Got Talent
  • Tuesday 30/11 – Governing Council

Week 9

  • Monday 6/12 – Celebration Night
  • Tuesday 7/12 – Year 7 Graduation Night – Capri Theatre Goodwood
  • Wednesday 8/12 – Year 6 Graduation Night – Capri Theatre Goodwood
  • Wednesday 8/12 – End of Year Student Reports
  • Friday 10/12 – Last Day – Early Dismissal 2.10pm

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Best wishes to all for the week ahead.

Kind regards

Paul, Rob and Nicky.