Physical Education Week & PBAC

This week we have celebrated PE Week at Craigburn with our Year 7 students running afternoon activities with classes. Some of the activities and games students enjoyed were football, soccer, bocce, basketball, skipping, parachute, relays, volleyball, rob the nest and lawn games. Physical Education Week promotes and highlights the importance of Health & PE to the learning and development of children.

Students also received their Premier’s Be Active Challenge medals if they completed the challenge this year. Students were required to be active for  at least 60 minutes of physical activity 5 days a week over a 4 – 10 week period throughout the year. 434 students completed the challenge in 2021 which saw Craigburn finish in the top 50 Highest Achieving Schools in the state. We have been invited to attend the Premier’s Reception where 2 student representatives will receive an award on behalf of the school from the Premier, Steven Marshall and Education Minister, John Gardner. Congratulations to Ethan S, Sam I, Ashleigh B and Olivia B who have completed the PBAC for the 8 years they have been in primary school. Ethan and Ashleigh will receive the award on 23rd November on behalf of our school. Well done to all students who completed the challenge this year.