The Weekly Wrap – Term 4 Week 7 – 2021

It was this time last year, we were coming out of a three day lockdown heading into the last three weeks of the school year. Since that time, we have been very fortunate to have worked our way through the 2021 school year with minimal disruption to learning programs and school operations. 

Twelve months later, we find ourselves in the position of responding to a set of new directions and plans set out by the Department for Education, applicable from Tuesday 23 November 2021. The clear message is that it is highly likely we will see cases of COVID in our community and schools. We don’t know when this will happen, however it’s important that we remain informed and prepared. 

This last term has been quite unique where we have squeezed in a number of events normally spread throughout the school year. These include Sports Day and four school camps across four year levels, all of which have involved a significant level of organisation, energy and commitment from staff. We are now looking to enjoy finishing off the year on a positive note, especially for our graduating Year 6 and 7 students.

In summary, the guiding principles of the department’s new plans (as from the 23rd November) to manage the risks associated with the virus entering schools, are as follows.

Learning and school operations

  • Face-to-face learning and care continues for all students with COVID safe measures. 
  • Vulnerable students with health risks should seek medical advice and work with the school.
  • Schools to remain open unless directed to close due to a confirmed case or in the event of a significant outbreak.
  • The Department for Education will have a central contact tracing team to work with SA Health in managing contact tracing for confirmed cases in schools.
  • If a confirmed case(s) is identified existing closure and cleaning protocols will apply.
  • If SA Health identify a significant regional/ localised outbreak, the department will advise when to activate remote learning. All schools will remain open with skeleton staff for students that need to attend.

COVID safe measures

  • Vaccinations:
    • all eligible students (aged 12+) strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated.
    • All staff, governing council members and employees, contractors and volunteers must receive at least 1 dose of a TGA approved COVID-19 vaccine by 10 December 2021.
  • Masks are optional indoors for all staff and students on site, until SA Health requires them to be reinstated in response to transmission risk. Masks are required for all adult visitors when indoors.
  • Schools will maximise natural ventilation by leaving doors/ windows open, and continue to use air-conditioning and fans, including with doors and windows open, use outdoor learning spaces where appropriate.
  • Good hygiene practices will be maintained, including hand washing, sanitiser availability/use.
  • If unwell students and staff must stay home, regardless of vaccination status or test outcome.
  • Additional daily clean will continue for the remainder of the school term.
  • All staff and visitors are required to COVID-Safe check in when entering a building.
  • Physical distancing of 1.5 metres between adults where possible.


  • On Wednesday, we host our final transition visit for all new Reception starters in 2022. Special welcome to all new families to Craigburn, we trust your child enjoyed their first taste of school life.  Thank you to Craigburn parent, Gisella Hardy for supporting the transition program and making our new families feel very welcomed.
  • Gala Day is set for this Thursday. For those new and old to Craigburn, Gala Day is an annual event where students showcase their enterprise skills by creating and running a food, craft or activity stall. Being a student-led event, students develop important life skills such as creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. Only Year 3 – 7 students can run a Gala Day stall. Please check in with the Gala Day post for more details.
  • We are all looking forward to Craigburn’s Got Talent on Tuesday 31st November. We have many talented students at Craigburn, who have been rehearsing and refining their acts.
  • On Friday morning 3rd December from 10.40am in the school hall, we host a Thank You Volunteers morning tea, where we say thank you to all parents, caregivers and friends who have volunteered to support the school throughout the year. Our school and children greatly benefit from the wonderful support we receive. For catering purposes please check this recent post to register your attendance.
  • At this time of the year, we prepare to say farewell to our graduating students, this year being both for Year 6 and 7 students. The graduation ceremonies take place on the evenings of Tuesday 7th (Year 7s) and Wednesday 8th (Year 6s) December at the Capri Theatre, Goodwood (Invitations to families to be provided soon). This is a special time for students, staff and families where we acknowledge and celebrate the participation of all graduating Year 6 and 7 students who have been a central part of our school community over many years.

Friendly Reminders

Student Free Day – Friday 26th November

We remind families that our final student free day is on Friday 26th November. On this day, teachers and support staff will be exploring the department’s new curriculum documents and resources, reviewing our site improvement plan and analysing this year’s student learning data. A reminder that our OSHC service will be open on this day.

Last Day of the School Year – Early Dismissal – 2.10pm

As per the department’s policy and procedure regarding early dismissals, schools are only able to dismiss students up to one hour prior to normal dismissal. This means that on our last school day of the year, Friday 10th December, students will be dismissed at 2.10pm.

Student / Class Placement Update

The student / class placement process is a complex and time-consuming one, involving multiple factors. Students will be informed of their class placement on Wednesday 8th December, when they get to visit their new class for 2022 after Recess. On the same day, parents / carers will be informed via a class placement letter along with their child’s end of year report.

Staffing / Class Numbers Update

We are currently finalising our staffing allocation for 2022, being dependent on the department’s central staffing processes. We will provide an update as soon as we are in a position to do so.

Class Numbers for 2022 – At this stage we will have 18 classes. 

End of Year Reports

At this time of the term, teachers spend many hours writing student reports. As part of the reporting process, teachers work with year level team colleagues to moderate and discuss student assessments to ensure consistency of teacher judgement when reporting A-E grades for subject areas within the Australian Curriculum. Reports will be handed out on Wednesday 8th December.

Term 4 Planner 

Please note, with the ongoing COVID situation, we continue to follow the advice from SA Health and directions set by the Department and SAPOL. We will keep you informed of any changes to the events listed below.

Current as Sunday 21st November 2021 – subject to amendments.

Week 7

  • Monday 22/11 – Governing Council
  • Wednesday 24/11 – Reception Transition Visit 3
  • Thursday 25/11 – Gala Day
  • Friday 26/11 – Student Free Day – staff working onsite

Week 8

  • Tuesday 30/11 – Craigburn’s Got Talent
  • Friday 03/12 – Thank you volunteers morning tea

Week 9

  • Tuesday 7/12 – Year 7 Graduation Night – Capri Theatre Goodwood
  • Wednesday 8/12 – Year 6 Graduation Night – Capri Theatre Goodwood
  • Wednesday 8/12 – Class Swaps, End of Year Student Reports
  • Friday 10/12 – Last Day – Early Dismissal 2.10pm

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