The Weekly Wrap – Term 1 Week 10 – 2022

On behalf of our staff, we would like to acknowledge and thank everyone for their ongoing support and understanding as we have navigated our way through the first term. We have appreciated the care and generosity from families, which has been well received. 

As shared via email to families last week – the ongoing COVID situation continues to present challenges for schools. With the escalating incidence of positive COVID cases, we have been advised to scale down school activities / events for the foreseeable future, including after-school hours commitments.

We are disappointed that we are unable to proceed with the student-led conferences in either face to face or online formats. However, teachers are working with students to capture and share their first term’s learning and inviting parent feedback.

The cancellation of swimming lessons for reception to year 2 students was necessary given the projected COVID situation in early Term 2. If alternative arrangements cannot be made to reschedule the lessons at a later date, fees already paid will either be credited to your school account or refunded.

As mentioned previously, we are currently experiencing staff shortages, including limited access to relieving staff. However, we are fortunate to have a number of our regular relieving teachers available to maintain continuity of learning for our students. 

If you need to report a positive case to us (phone 82704144 / email),  could you please provide us with the following information:

  • Name of your child.
  • Date of the positive test and the type of test taken –  RAT, PCR or both.
  • Last day your child attended school / OSHC.

A friendly reminder to keep your child/ren home if they are:

  • unwell.
  • experiencing any COVID symptoms.
  • any other member of the household has COVID.
  • are a close contact for a person who has COVID and are required to quarantine.

As per Department advice, in the event of a positive case/s occurring, we will provide a single daily notification that lists the classes / rooms affected by COVID cases. 

We extend our positive thoughts to children and families who are currently unwell and wish them all a speedy recovery.

Please Note 

Early Dismissal – Last day of Term, Thursday 14 April – 2.10pm

Student Free Day – First Day back of Term 2, Monday 2 May. Staff will be undertaking professional learning using the department’s new curriculum resources / documents.

Say thanks with a ThankED note

Students, staff and the community are able to send messages of thanks through the ThankED program to those who have made a difference. 

ThankED gives you the chance to celebrate and thank public educators who make a difference every day, as well as those people who work in support of them.

Feel free to submit a message of thanks to someone who has made a difference to your child/ren and family.

Term 1 Planner

Term 1 – With COVID restrictions in place, we will continue to post updates once they are confirmed.

  • Thursday 7/4  – School Group Tour (9.15am)
  • Thursday 14/4 – End of Term 1 – Early Dismissal
  • Good Friday 15/4

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