The Weekly Wrap – Term 2 Weeks 4 and 5 – 2022

Thank you for taking the time to read through this week’s wrap with news and information from the last two weeks. It looks like we will be receiving some much needed rain as we welcome the start of winter. Stay safe on the roads.

Best wishes for the week ahead. Regards – Paul and Nicky.

National Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week 

Last Thursday marked the beginning of Reconciliation Week with National Sorry Day –  being an opportunity for us to remember and acknowledge the mistreatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who were forcibly removed from their families and communities.

National Reconciliation Week began on Friday, and runs through to Thursday.

The Week serves as a time for us to reflect on the history of our country and learn about the achievements and knowledge of people from our Indigenous cultures so that we can continue to move into the future in a united way. 

We are very grateful to Shirley Morgan, a Kamilaroi woman from inland New South Wales and the Nanna of Sophie (year 1 student), for kindly gifting us her beautiful artwork, ‘Camping in the Warrumbungles’ – which is proudly displayed in the front office. Miss Sporn and Mr Lemmey’s buddy classes created a  ‘We will walk close together as one’ art piece to mark the beginning of Reconciliation Week. 

Our buddy classes have been working and learning together under this year’s Reconciliation Week theme, ‘Be Brave. Make Change’ 

Cross Country 

A highly successful day was had by our Cross Country team at the Southern Heights Sapsasa Cross Country Carnival at Belair National Park last Thursday.

A shout out to Mr Fergusson and Eddie Bye (parent) for training and preparing the team – those early morning starts certainly paid off. Regardless of where students finished in their year level races, it was rewarding to see such a positive team spirit amongst students and school families who supported on the day. Well done to all.

Young Environmental Leaders Program

Thank you to our garden teacher Emily and Miss Fischer, who took a small group of students to the Young Environmental Leaders Program to Belair National Park last Thursday – where they were involved in planning their environmental initiative for the year.

School Sport SA

Craigburn takes full advantage of the programs offered by School Sport SA (formally SAPSASA),which provide opportunities for students to participate in a variety of team and individual sports.

Congratulations and well done to Grace, Sophie, Jack, Ollie and Kojo for their representation of our school at last week’s Australian Football Sapsasa State Carnival at West Beach.

Helping Children with Tragic Events in the News

With the recent tragic school news in the US – we shouldn’t underestimate the effect this can have on children. We hope you find this article helpful. 

In times of community or world-wide crisis, it’s easy to assume that young children don’t know what’s going on. But one thing’s for sure — children are very sensitive to how their parents feel. They’re keenly aware of the expressions on their parents’ faces and the tone of their voices. Children can sense when their parents are really worried, whether they’re watching the news or talking about it with others. Read on more here ..

COVID Update 

Over the last 2 weeks, we have averaged between 15 – 25% student absences per day, most understandably COVID-19 / illness related. We will continue to provide regular updates if anyone else in our school community tests positive.

A friendly reminder – if your child develops symptoms such as a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, loss of smell/taste, muscle/joint pains, diarrhoea, nausea/vomiting or extreme tiredness, please:

  • Obtain a PCR test (You can find your nearest COVID-19 testing clinic here)
  • Inform the school and keep your child at home until you receive confirmation of a negative test and their symptoms have resolved, whichever is longer.
  • If your child tests positive, s/he is a COVID-19 case, must remain isolated for 7 days and must follow SA Health instructions. Siblings of confirmed positive cases are considered a close contact and should follow the advice from SA Health.

Our best wishes to families and staff who are currently experiencing illness due to COVID-19 and / or any other ailments.


A timely reminder – that children who are feeling unwell or have cold / flu symptoms should be kept home from school until such time as they have fully recovered and / or symptoms have disappeared. This is the best way to avoid illness being spread to others. If your child is going to be absent please advise the school via email or by a phone call to the front office. 

School Grounds –  After School Reminder

Any student playing on the school grounds (including playground or oval) after school must be supervised by a parent or carer. Students who do not have this supervision are kindly asked to wait at the pick up zones or will be directed to walk / ride home safely. All students should be collected by 3:30pm as this is when the after-school duty ends.

Bike Safety

Great to see children riding bikes to school. We ask parents to remind their child/ren to take care and act safely when riding their bikes to and from school.

Dogs on School Grounds 

As is the case in all SA public schools, dogs are not permitted on school grounds – as per the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 and regulations

Arrangements must be made with the Principal in advance (via your classroom teacher) if you would like to bring in your dog for show-and-tell. 

Please also ensure that dogs are not left tied up at the school entrances as this may block the access to and from the grounds. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Recent Posts

Yearly Planner Update

Term 2 

  • Friday 27/5 to Thursday 2/6 – National Reconciliation Week
  • Tuesday 31/5 – Sapsasa Girls Netball
  • Wednesday 1/6 – Sapasa Boys Netball
  • Sunday 5/6 – World Environment Day 
  • Monday 13/6 – Queens Birthday Public Holiday
  • Tuesday 14/6 – Annual General Meeting
  • Thursday 16/6 – School Group Tour (9.15am)
  • Wednesday 6/7 – Mid Year Reports sent home
  • Friday 8/7 – End of Term 2 – Early Dismissal

Term 3

  • Monday 25/7 – First Day of Term
  • Friday 19/7 – School Group Tour (9.15am)
  • Tuesday 16/8 – Whole School Photos
  • Monday 22/8 – Book Week begins
  • Friday 26/8 – Book Week Dress Up Day, Book Fair starts
  • Monday 29/8 to Tuesday 30/8 – Book Fair
  • Friday 30/9 – End of Term 3 – Early Dismissal

Term 4 – With COVID restrictions in place, we will continue to post updates once they are confirmed.

  • Monday 17/10 – First Day of Term
  • Friday 28/10 – World Teachers Day, School Group Tour (9.15am) 
  • Friday 4/11 – Sports Day
  • Friday 11/11 – Remembrance Day
  • Wednesday 16/11 – Reception Transition 1
  • Wednesday 23/11 – Reception Transition 2
  • Wednesday 30/11 – Reception Transition 3
  • Tuesday 6/12 – Craigburn’s Got Talent
  • Monday 12/12 – Celebration Night
  • Wednesday 14/12 – Year 6 Graduation
  • Friday 16/12 – End of Term 4 – Early Dismissal