Commissioner’s Digital Challenge / Kodable

We have the Premier’s Be Active Challenge, the Premier’s Reading Challenge and now we have the  Commissioner’s Digital Challenge! This challenge encourages our young people to engage in a variety of digital thinking tasks and is open to South Australian students.

As a part of this challenge our Year 1-4 students have been introduced to the program, ‘Kodable.’ Accessed either through the app or a web browser, Kodable introduces students to core programming concepts such as sequences, conditions, loops and functions as well as how to ‘debug’ or look for errors in code. Once students have successfully worked through 4 of the Kodable activities and have had their progress verified they will have completed the challenge!

Learning to code encourages students to develop skills in problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration. It also helps to strengthen their resilience and persistence when faced with new challenges and will begin to equip them with digital skills they may need in their future.

Kodable has been a huge success at Craigburn Primary this term and students have met the coding challenges with great enthusiasm. The children are beginning to use coding language to explain what they are working through and are showing great persistence when they reach a roadblock. Other students are now sharing their knowledge by mentoring their peers. Kodable successes will be shared through certificates on Seesaw as the students progress through the program.

Happy coding!

Frau Smith