SRC Casual Day Charity Fundraiser – Mullumbimby Flood Recovery

As members of Craigburn’s Student Executive Team, along with students from our Student Representative Council, we recently discussed the importance of giving to those in need through organising casual day charity fundraisers.

We received information from one of our school families about a school in northern NSW that was severely flood damaged earlier this year.

In late February, Mullumbimby Primary School’s library was extensively damaged with computers, books and learning resources (including sports equipment) being washed away.

The students have had to relocate to a neighbouring school in their hall.

The school put out a request for any donations, including library books, learning resources or even sporting equipment that the Mullumbimby Primary School could use.

Let’s Help

For our first casual day charity fundraiser, we would like to support the students at Mullumbimby Primary School by helping restock their school library.

We invite all Craigburn students to donate a book (new or used and in good condition) to help restock their school library.

We ask that any book donations contain a positive message on the inside cover of the book.

For example:

  • Please enjoy this book, from Teagan, Craigburn Primary School
  • I hope you like this book, from Jed, Craigburn Primary School
  • I hope this book brings you happiness, from Lilian, Craigburn Primary School

We think it would be amazing to be able to donate over 400 books to help restock the school’s library.

The casual day will be on the last day of term, Friday 8th July.

On this day students can wear a splash of colour as a sign to brighten up the lives of other people.

We also ask students to bring along a gold coin to assist with cost of shipping the books to Mullumbimby.

Our student executive team has set up an area in the library where donated books can be stored. Books can be brought in from next Monday 20th June.

We look forward to your donations and a fun splash of colour casual day on the last day of term.

Thank you.

Teagan, Lilian and Jed
Student Executive Team Members