Materials and Services Charge Discount – Information

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

As you will have read in our recent post, Materials and Services Charge Discount, the State Government made a commitment to give South Australian families with school age children a $100 discount on their public school’s Materials and Services Charge (school fees) for each child in 2022 and 2023.

Credit notes have now been applied to all family accounts for 2022.

As the rebate relates specifically to the Materials and Services Charge, if you have outstanding fees, the credit must be applied to these fees in the first instance.

Families accessing School Card, who have outstanding fees and are waiting for their application to be approved, are unable to utilise the credit until an outcome from School Card is received. If you are eligible for School Card the credit does not apply.

A statement will be sent home to families in Week 8 (Term 2) showing the $100 rebate. If you have already paid your school fees for 2022, your balance will be in credit. This credit may be used for other expenses incurred throughout this year including excursions, sporting events, choir, graduation, etc. If your credit is not used in full during 2022, it will roll over to 2023 (where an additional $100 credit will also be applied, as per the Government rebate).

For any families who will be leaving the school at the end of the year, and who have not used their credit – will be given a refund to their nominated bank account at the conclusion of the school year.

The Minister for Education emphasised that the purpose of the rebate is to reduce the cost of living, however, if the above arrangement does not suit your needs and you would like the rebate credited to your nominated bank account please contact the Finance Office on 8270 4144 (please note EFT refund only).

Kind regards

Clare Aikens

Business Manager