REMINDER! Canteen Price Increase and IOU’s

Dear Families

Just a friendly reminder in regards to a slight increase for some canteen items.  Please see previous post below:

Canteen News!

Please note that Moozies have increased to $1.80 and Juicies (Frozen Juice Bar) are now $1.50.  We hate to turn away students who have the incorrect money for these items so please ensure you are aware of the price changes (all visible on Qkr!).

Any student who presents to the Front Office with no lunch will be offered food from the canteen (Sandwich or Noodles) once confirmed with a parent.  If we are unable to reach you, we will leave a message to let you know we have sent your child to the canteen for some lunch.

Parents will then be issued with an IOU.  We would please ask that IOU’s are paid promptly – we currently have quite a number of outstanding IOU’s to be paid.

Payments can be made via the Qkr! App under Canteen IOU Payments.

Thank you for your assistance and ongoing support of our school canteen.