The Weekly Wrap – Term 2 Week 9 – 2022

Thank you for taking the time to read through this week’s wrap, containing a number of friendly reminders from previous weeks.  It’s hard to believe that we are just two weeks away from our mid-year break.

Best wishes for the week ahead and good luck to our Sapsasa Girls soccer team who play this Thursday.

Friendly Reminders 

Casual Day Charity Fundraiser – A Splash of Colour – Friday 8th July 

We are nearing the last week of term with our first casual charity fundraiser day set for Friday 8th July.

As mentioned previously, our student leaders have organised the casual day with the theme ‘A Splash of Colour’ along with an invitation for Craigburn students / families to support Mullumbimby Primary School’s flood recovery program by donating a used / new book to help restock their school’s library.

Please check in with the student’s post for more details. Thank you to students / families who have already supported this student-led charity fundraiser.


We remind families of the opportunity to acknowledge and thank educators at Craigburn through the ThankED initiative.

ThankED gives you the chance to celebrate and thank public educators who make a difference every day, as well as those people who work in support of them. Feel free to thank a member of staff here. Thank you to those of you who have thanked someone. Your acknowledgements and thanks are highly appreciated.

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS)

A wonderful opportunity for students in Years 2-6 to take on an academic challenge. The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) is an online academic competition that is designed to assess students’ higher order thinking and problem-solving skills in English, Mathematics, Science, Writing, Spelling Bee and Digital Technologies.

Details here – The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools – ICAS

Health / Illness

Many children and staff continue to suffer from the seasonal winter ailments including COVID-19, and are unable to attend school. We extend our best wishes to everyone who is unwell and returns to good health soon.

A timely and friendly reminder to keep your child/ren home if they are feeling unwell or have COVID-19 or  flu-like symptoms, until such time as they have fully recovered and / or symptoms have disappeared. This is the best way to avoid illness being spread to others.

Pedal Prix Wine Fundraiser 2022

Orders to be finalised by close of business this Tuesday 28 June. Support the Craigurn Crew’sers. Ordering details here.


A reminder – parent vehicles (aside from staff) are to not enter the service entrance to the school off Murrays Hill Rd for morning drop offs and / or afternoon pickups. Please find a suitable and safe area to drop off and / or pick up your child/ren. Thank you.

To Note 

  • Whole School Photos are scheduled for Tuesday 16th August – Week 4 of Term 3.
  • Moving School in 2023? To support our staff and class planning for 2023, should your child/ren be leaving Craigburn Primary School (aside from current Year 6s) to attend another school next year, please notify us via the front office. Thank you.
  • Change of Contact Details To help us keep up to date with family and emergency contact details please contact the front office with your change of details.
  • Lost Property The lost property storage area adjacent to the canteen is beginning to overflow.  If at school, please take a moment to check for any items your family may be missing.
  • Reception Enrolments for 2023 As we are nearing the midpoint of the school year, we are starting to look at our Reception Enrolments for 2023.If you are a new family to Craigburn and would like to register interest for a child starting Reception in 2023, please contact the Front Office for a Registration of Interest form.

Recent Posts 

Yearly Planner Update

Term 2

  • Thursday 30/6 – Sapsasa Girl’s Soccer
  • Wednesday 6/7 – Mid Year Reports sent home
  • Friday 8/7 – Casual Day – End of Term 2 – Early Dismissal

Term 3

  • Monday 25/7 – First Day of Term
  • Friday 29/7 – School Group Tour (9.15am)
  • Tuesday 16/8 – Whole School Photos
  • Monday 22/8 – Book Week begins
  • Friday 26/8 – Book Week Dress Up Day, Book Fair starts
  • Monday 29/8 to Tuesday 30/8 – Book Fair
  • Friday 30/9 – End of Term 3 – Early Dismissal

Term 4

  • Monday 17/10 – First Day of Term
  • Friday 28/10 – World Teachers Day, School Group Tour (9.15am)
  • Friday 4/11 – Sports Day
  • Friday 11/11 – Remembrance Day
  • Wednesday 16/11 – Reception Transition 1
  • Wednesday 23/11 – Reception Transition 2
  • Wednesday 30/11 – Reception Transition 3
  • Tuesday 6/12 – Craigburn’s Got Talent
  • Monday 12/12 – Celebration Night
  • Wednesday 14/12 – Year 6 Graduation
  • Friday 16/12 – End of Term 4 – Early Dismissal