School Photos – Tuesday August 16th 2022

School photo’s this year are scheduled for Tuesday 16th August – Week 4 of Term 3.

Please note the details below:

  • Photo envelopes will be sent home during week 2 of Term 3. Date to be advised.
  • If you require a sibling photo, please come in to the Front Office to pick up a Family Photo’s Envelope.  Alternatively, contact the Front Office to arrange a Family Envelope to be sent home with your child.  Please Note: If you do not have a Family Photo Envelope on photo day, your children will not be sent to have a sibling photo taken.
  • Please take time to read the relevant information on the envelopes.
  • Please do not seal envelopes inside each other.
  • Payment can be made for all children in one envelope however each child needs to have their own envelope on photo day.
  • Please enclose correct money as no change is given. Cash, cheques, credit card and money order are accepted.
  • MSP will be strictly adhering to SA Health’s advice in relation to COVID-19

Placing your child’s order online is the safest and easiest way to order school photos and the range of options available to you has increased.  As well as the option to download a Low Resolution image for a smart phone, parents will now have the option to purchase a High Resolution Digital Download.

Go to

    • Enter the Shootkey from your envelope and make your selection
    • If you are having a sibling photo taken, do the same with the Shootkey printed on that envelope

PLEASE NOTE: As of 2023, all school photo orders will be paperless.  This will replace the printed envelopes that are currently distributed to each student. We would please ask that in preparation for this, that you advise us as soon as possible if you have changed your “Family Email” address.  This would have been provided to the school on your child’s Enrolment Form.  If you are unsure, please contact us on either 8270 4144 or email  Please also note that if you are requiring seperate orders (split families), that you advise us of the additional email that you would like order details sent to.

Contact or phone 8391 3951 with any other queries.