Sports Day Captains 2022

Today we acknowledged the students who went through the process to nominate to become a Sports Day House Captain for 2022.

The Year 6 students had the opportunity to nominate, discuss, plan and present a speech outlining their strengths, leadership qualities and experiences with displaying the school values.

36 students chose to nominate and today delivered exceptional speeches to the Year 3/4 and then Year 5/6 house teams. After listening to the speeches students in Year 3 – 6 used the success criteria to cast a vote for a captain.

Congratulations to all the students who nominated and to the 16 Sports Day House Captains for 2022.

Bradman: Lucy W, Declan S, Maddie B, Lochie A

Fraser: Polina E, Ethan C, Jasper M, Grace A

Riley: Ava B, Jack L, Tayla S, Aliya P

Woodforde: Tahnee M, Kojo A, Alexis R, Ella W