School Committees – Register Your Interest

As shared earlier this year and prior to our school’s Annual General Meeting held in June, we invite and encourage parents to join any of the sub-committees of the Governing Council.

Sub-committees of the Governing Council are an important part of our school community. Each committee is made up of a member(s) of the governing council, a leadership representative, school staff and parent volunteers who work collaboratively to develop recommendations, strategies and actions to positively contribute to the life and culture of the school.

No experience is needed to join a committee – simply a passion to get involved and an interest in contributing to a particular area. Meetings are generally held twice a term out of school hours, with most meetings around 1 hour in length.

If you would like to join any of these committees, please register your interest here. A member of the Governing Council or leadership representative will confirm your registration of interest.

Please note members of the governing council and sub committees are required to have a current working with children check.

Thank you

Katelyn Adams – Governing Council Chair

Friends of Craigburn – Parent and Community Engagement (Fundraising)

  • Parents and friends work together to ensure that social interactions, fundraising and parent support enhance the school’s culture and community through special events and activities.
  • Parent engagement and involvement is at the heart of Craigburn Primary School and strong collaboration, interaction and partnership with parents, caregivers and leadership, in a variety of formal and informal ways, is facilitated through this group.
  • If unable to join the Friends of Craigburn team – there are also opportunities to volunteer in other capacities and during school hours as part of the ‘Friends of Craigburn’ team – eg help with discos, sports day events etc – please register interest to join the Friends of Craigburn Volunteer Base.
  • Term 4 meetings – 3.30pm Monday 24 October and Monday 21 November

Out Of School Hours Care

  • The OSHC Committee assists the Governing Council, Principal and OSHC Director to comply with national regulations and to ensure the quality of care being offered is in keeping with the values, principles and policies of the school council community and the department.
  • Term 4 meetings – 6.30pm Monday 24 October and Monday 21 November


  • The Canteen committee helps out the canteen by providing support to the canteen manager/s and advising on issues like food lines, menus and price setting, etc. The committee’s role is to make sure there’s a good supply of reasonably priced and healthy food as per the Right Bite Healthy Eating Policy, to help organise and encourage volunteer assistants for the canteen and give advice about any facilities needed in the canteen.
  • Term 4 meetings – 5.45pm Monday 24 October and Monday 21 November


  • Provides support and advice on the development and strategic planning of grounds, buildings and facilities in a sustainable way, and in support of student wellbeing and educational outcomes.
  • The Committee has a strong focus on the ongoing development of the Environmental Learning Centre and nature play.
  • Working bees may also be facilitated by the group in the future to engage the Craigburn community in these developments.
  • Term 4 meetings – 5.30pm Tuesday 25 October and Tuesday 22 November


  • Working with the school’s Business Manager, The Treasurer of the Governing Council and Principal, the Finance Committee advises the Governing Council about budgetary and financial matters including items such as; budget reviews, monitoring of revenue and expenses, management of the capital plan and review of external auditor findings.
  • Term 4 meetings – 8.00am Thursday 27 October and Thursday 24 November


  • The Sports Committee typically involves sports coordinators who work with coaches and volunteers to improve the quality and variety of out of school sports being offered to students.
  • The Committee sets standards around the expectation of behaviour and being a good sport, and develops plans that reflect the interest and needs of all sports.
  • Term 4 meetings – dates to be advised