The Weekly Wrap – Term 4 Week 1 – 2022

We welcome students, staff and families back to school for Term 4. We hope everyone enjoyed some quality family time over the holiday break and October long weekend. 

Just a reminder that school resumes on Tuesday 18th October, with Monday 17th October being a student free day where staff continue their professional learning in numeracy and literacy, and undertake curriculum planning for the term ahead.

Term 4 is typically a busy one, with many activities and events scheduled over the next 9 weeks. We look forward to our community coming together for Sports Day, 40th birthday open afternoon / evening and Celebration Night. 

Please take a moment to check in with the Term 4 planner (further below) for these important dates.

Throughout Term 4, we also begin preparing for the start of the 2023 school year, which involves planning class structures based on projected enrolments, determining staffing (teachers / SSOs) and undertaking general school operations. Please keep checking in with our news blog throughout the term as we post relevant information to support our planning.

We would especially like to acknowledge and wish our graduating Year 6 students and families all the very best for their final term at primary school. We trust it will be an enjoyable and rewarding one.

We look forward to seeing everyone back on Tuesday.

Best wishes to all for the week ahead.

COVID-19 Update

We have appreciated your ongoing understanding and support in relation to the COVID advice we have shared from the Department and SA Health.

Whilst there is now no legal requirement to isolate if testing positive to COVID-19, however we remind families to not send your child to school if they have any COVID-19 like symptoms and to follow the advice from SA Health

When on school grounds, we ask that parents and carers continue physical distancing, including at school drop off / pick up. We also ask that parents and carers do not come onto school grounds before 3:00pm unless accessing the front office.

As shared previously, when staff do fall ill with COVID-19 / other ailments, we do our best to employ regular temporary relief teachers (TRTs) who are known to the students. Given the high demand for TRTs across the schooling system, it is not always possible to employ our regulars or sometimes even access TRTs. On these occasions we do our best to adjust classes to support the continuity of learning programs.

Student Free Day Reminder – Friday 26 November

Aside from Monday’s student free day (17 October), we remind families of our final student free day, scheduled for Friday 26th November – endorsed by our Governing Council earlier this year. 

On this day school staff will be working on analysing a range of student learning data including this year’s Progressive Achievement Tests in Maths and Reading and NAPLAN results to inform future planning and learning for the 2022 school year.

To Note / Friendly Reminders

  • Transition Days for our 2023 Reception Intake will occur on Wednesdays of Weeks 5, 6 and 7, being the 16th, 23rd and 30th of November. 
  • Leaving Craigburn in 2023? Aside from Year 6 students graduating at the end of this year – if your child will not be returning to Craigburn Primary School in 2023, please inform the front office. This will help us with our forward planning for the 2023 school year. Thank you.
  • School opens at 8.30am – students should not be on school grounds prior to this time unless supervised by a parent / carer. Similarly, after school, students should not be staying on grounds after school unless accompanied by an adult (and including sports practice).
  • Please keep the school informed of any recent changes to your contact details. Thank you.

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Term 4 Planner 

Current as Sunday 16 October 2022

Week 1

Monday 17/10

  • Student Free Day

Tuesday 18/10

  • First day of Term 4

Week 2

Monday 24/10

  • 3.30pm Friends of Craigburn Meeting
  • 5.45pm Canteen Committee Meeting
  • 6.30pm OSHC Committee Meeting

Tuesday 25/10

  • Receptions Incursion – Animals Anonymous
  • 5.30pm Environment Committee Meeting

Friday 28/10

  • World Teachers Day
  • School Tour (9.15am for Prospective Families)

Week 3

Monday 31/10

  • Year 1 Excursion 
  • 6.30pm Governing Council Meeting

Tuesday 1/11

  • Melbourne Cup Day

Friday 4/11

  • Sports Day

Week 4

Friday 11/11

  • Remembrance Day

Week 5

Tuesday 15/11

  • Craigburn’s 40th Birthday Celebration – Open Afternoon / Evening

Wednesday 16/11

  • Reception Transition 1 Visit

Week 6

Monday 21/11

  • Year 5/6 North Terrace Excursion

Wednesday 23/11

  • Reception Transition 2 Visit

Wednesday 23/11

  • Living Kaurna Excursion

Friday 25/11

  • Student Free Day – staff working onsite – OSHC open

Week 7

Monday 28/11

  • Year 5/6 AFL Max excursion
  • 6.30pm Governing Council Meeting

Wednesday 30/11

  • Reception Transition 3 Visit

Friday 2/12

  • Jam Band Incursion (Performing Arts)

Week 8

Tuesday 6/12

  • Craigburn’s Got Talent

Friday 9/12

  • Celebration Night Rehearsal

Week 9

Monday 12/12

  • Celebration Night

Wednesday 14/12

  • End of Year Student Reports
  • Students visit new classes for 2023
  • Year 6 Graduation – Capri Theatre Goodwood

Thursday 15/12

  • Year 6 Day Out – Lunch Excursion

Friday 16/12

  • End of Term 4 – 2.10pm Early Dismissal