Storm Damage Update

Good afternoon Craigburn families and friends,

I hope you are safe and well and have avoided any serious property damage after yesterday’s extreme weather event. We have checked in at the school and are lucky that it was not overly impacted by the storm – a few fallen tree branches and some minor flooding.

However, as is the case in the Flagstaff Hill, Coromandel Valley and neighbouring areas, the school has no power, with the forecasted restoration time of Tuesday.

I have been in contact with the Department and am awaiting a call back from them regarding arrangements for tomorrow, however, please be aware that the school and OSHC service may be closed.

I will post an update once I receive a direction from the Department. I understand that many families have limited access to mobile communications, so where possible, could you please share this information through your networks – thank you.

Take care, Paul.