Lost Property Collection

Items in Lost Property are currently overflowing.

If your child is missing any items, particularly jumpers, please have them check the lost property area just next to the canteen.  Parents are also encouraged to come in and check the lost property. Please ensure that the pull out cubes are also checked as they are also full of lost property items.

Please remember to name all of your child’s items and ensure that any names of previous owners are removed and replaced with the current owners name.

All clearly named items are returned to students who will receive a green slip to notify them that they have an item to collect from the front office.  If there is a family name only on the item, it will be returned to the eldest child in that family.

If not collected within a few days, students will then receive a red slip as a final reminder to collect their item/s.  If not collected, items will be given to the second hand uniform shop.

All items currently in lost property will be sorted over the next 2 weeks and if not collected by Wednesday of Week 9, will either be donated to the second hand uniform shop or disposed of accordingly.

There are also a number of smaller items – jewellery, small toys etc – in the front office that have not been collected.  These will also be disposed of at the end of the year if not collected prior.

We appreciate your assistance in keeping our lost property to a minimum.