Class Structure and Class Placements 2023

Our class structure for 2023 of 17 classes has now been finalised after much consideration and based on our projected enrolments and the requirements of the department’s student-centred funding model.

The class structure supports our ethos of teachers working in teams and smaller class sizes in the early years of schooling. As is the case in most schools, we will have a mixture of straight year level and composite classes due to the varying numbers of students across each year level.

Teachers are the same as other people in the workforce in that they are entitled to work in a part-time capacity. In 2023, there will be some classes taught by two teachers, both of whom will be working in a part-time capacity. This is referred to as tandem teaching. Teachers in these situations meet regularly to plan learning programs as well as establishing shared classroom routines and practices.

There may also be occasions throughout the school year, where some teachers may take leave and / or take on an additional project / leadership role within the school or partnership of schools for short or longer periods of time (eg one day per week). In these situations we do our best to employ teachers who know the students and school well.

With the class structure in place we have now placed students in classes for 2023. As part of this process, we have considered;  students’ learning and wellbeing, behaviour, gender, friendships, and special needs. Parent input was also considered as per the optional invitation.

As stated previously, requests from parents to have or not to have specific teachers or students in their child’s class are not considered.

Class Transition Visits – Wednesday 14th December

  • On Wednesday 14th December, students will be informed of their class placement and visit their new class, where they will spend 40 minutes with their new classmates and teacher/s.
  • Year 6 students & students leaving Craigburn, will be supervised in the hall.
  • We welcome students who will be new to Craigburn.
  • A letter with information about the class structure, staff list for 2023, your child’s placement and end of year report will go home on this day. The class structure and staff list will also be posted on Craigburn Connections.

Supporting Your Child

We ask parents and caregivers to have a positive and supportive conversation with your child regarding their new class. It is common for children to come home from a transition visit with a range of emotions. In most cases, children will come home excited as they have met their new teacher/s and class, whilst in some cases, it is natural for children to come home feeling upset or worried about their placement.

Please reassure your child that their current teacher/s, and school leaders have considered the best placement for their learning and wellbeing. Encourage them to speak with their current class teacher the following day who will also provide reassurance.

Please know that your child/ren will adjust to their new learning environment and make new friends. Students generally adapt to their new class quickly. As the new school year commences we encourage students, teachers and parents to establish positive relationships.

Please Note

  • Placements in classes are final. We are not in a position to move students. Moving a student from one class to another inevitably changes the environment of multiple class groupings and for this reason, we are unable to move students.
  • Our teaching and leadership staff have worked carefully and sensitively over many weeks to place students into classes for 2023. We respectfully ask that parents/caregivers support this outcome.

Thank you

Paul and Nicky