The Weekly Wrap – Term 4 Week 9 – 2022

The 2022 school year has certainly been a most unique experience for everyone. The first half of the school year brought about many challenges as we navigated through the first COVID wave, with many students, staff and families succumbing to omicron strain. We acknowledge the restrictions placed upon us from the Department and SA Health, which impacted on school operations, programs and events, particularly on parents being unable to come onto school grounds and meet with their child’s teacher/s.

As we have progressed through the second half of the year, school life has somewhat returned to normal (pre-COVID) where our community has been able to safely join together for whole school events including Book Week and Sports Day. However, due to the extreme weather event in mid-November, it was unfortunate that we had to cancel our open evening as part of the 40th birthday celebration week activities. 

We are very much looking forward to hosting our first Celebration Night on Monday evening, the first one since 2019.

We would like to thank everyone for their ongoing understanding and support throughout 2022, with special thanks to the parents and friends who have supported various school activities, excursions and sports programs. This level of support has allowed us to provide these valuable extra-curricular activities. 

Our teaching staff approached their work with positivity, enthusiasm and a focus on continuous improvement. Our ongoing work in implementing evidence based teaching practices was further validated in this year’s NAPLAN and PAT results, where learning growth was prominent in our Year 3 and 5 cohorts. Other assessments and learning data also reflect this growth. Students’ literacy and numeracy skills continue to be developed and strengthened through InitiaLit (Reception to Year 2), explicit direct instruction lessons, Spelling Mastery, daily and weekly reviews, and intervention programs. A big thank you to all teachers and learning support staff who have made this happen. A special mention to Janine Mackay, Veronica Khalaf and Brooke Hamden who have provided strong support in their respective wellbeing and curriculum leadership roles.

Similarly, we would like to acknowledge and thank our school service officers in learning support and administration for their efforts and work. They have provided invaluable high level intervention support for students and successfully managed school operations in the areas of front office, finance, technology, library and grounds.

Throughout the year, Craigburn students have shown positive attitudes to learning, upheld our school values and been involved in the broader aspects of school life, including: after-hours school / Sapsasa sports, sports day, choir, special days, SRC, crossing duties, school garden activities, buddy classes, assemblies, excursions, coding / art clubs, and much more. We trust they’ve had an enjoyable year and are looking forward to the holidays.

We would like to thank members of this year’s Governing Council for their advocacy and support of our school. Special thanks to Katelyn Adams (Chair), Belinda Cece, Kelly Howlett, Nicole Rizzo-Gray, Ahmad Khalaf, Bec May, Kathryn Stone, Kim Altschwager, Liann Delgado, Sally-Ann Prince, Annika Reinke and Bridget Dansie. Strong parental support contributes to our school in so many positive ways. A mention as well to Sue and Kylie for their efforts and work in providing canteen and out of school hours support to students and families.

Congratulations to our year 6 students who will graduate from primary school on Wednesday evening at the Capri Theatre, Goodwood. They are a terrific group of young people who have been positive role models throughout their final year of primary school. We wish them every success in high school and for the years ahead. We would like to acknowledge and thank the Year 6 teaching team for organising the graduation and to every parent / caregiver for their wonderful support of their children and of the school over the past 7 years.

Each year we also say farewell to families, many of whom have been involved in school life for over 7 years. We thank you for your support over the years and extend our best wishes for the future. Thank you for being part of the Craigburn Primary School community. 

Last, but by no means least, I would like to thank Nicky Taylor  who has provided outstanding leadership in the deputy principal role this year.

We look forward to an enjoyable last week and will sign off next Sunday with our final ‘Holiday Wrap’ for the year.

Kind regards

Paul and Nicky

The Week Ahead

Week 9

  • Monday 12/12
    • Celebration Night Rehearsal 9.10am
    • Celebration Night 6.30pm (Students / teachers in rooms at 6.00pm)
  • Tuesday 13/12
    • R-2 Fun Day
  • Wednesday 14/12
    • End of Year Student Reports sent home
    • Students visit new classes for 2023 – placement letters sent home
    • Year 6 Graduation – Capri Theatre Goodwood
  • Thursday 15/12
    • Year 6 Excursion / Lunch
  • Friday 16/12
    • End of Year Assembly – 12.20pm
    • End of Term 4 Early Dismissal 2.10pm

Last Week

Craigburn’s Got Talent – Congratulations and well done to all students who auditioned for and participated in this year’s Craigburn’s Got Talent. We were kept entertained throughout and enjoyed finding out the hidden talents of school staff. A full wrap up here.

Boardies Day – Well done to all supporting our SRC Casual Day Fundraiser to support Surf Life Saving SA. Just over $300 in gold coin donations was raised. 

Salvation Army Giving Tree – Thank you to families who have  donated food and gift items to support the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. There is a Christmas tree in the library for you to place your donations up until Thursday. Further details here.

Christmas Raffle  Thank you to families who have donated items and / or purchased tickets – raffle to be drawn on Celebration Night.

Learner Achievements 

Last Thursday, we acknowledged a number of learner achievements at a whole school assembly including the Premier’s Be Active and Reading Challenges. Congratulations to all students who participated in these challenges,  who received their medals. Craigburn finished in the top 10 achieving schools in the Be Active Challenge – a fantastic achievement, and thank you to Karen Pettman for her ongoing leadership in this challenge.

Similarly, we acknowledged our school as being one of the highest achieving schools in the inaugural Commissioner’s Digital Challenge. Credit to Frau (Carly Smith) for her excellent leadership of this challenge.

Students who were members of this year’s Young Environmental Leaders Program (YELP), led capably by Emily,  our amazing garden teacher, who shared an excellent and informative presentation about the development of their pond project. See below.

This year, we had many students from years 2 -6 who took on a number of academic challenges as part of the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS). Student results are listed below. Congratulations and well done to all students who participated. 



  • Year 6 – Elisha Y, Lillian S, Indi M, Rachel G, 
  • Year 5 – Jack McV, Ana N


  • Year 5 – Jack A, Anasia E, Tahlia M


  • Year 2 – Anugraha J, Addison P



  • Year 6 – Indi M,  Harmehar S
  • Year 5 – Jack P, Zane T
  • Year 2 – Anaya T


  • Year 2 – Anugraha J


  • Year 2 – Addison P



  • Year 2 – Imogen B
  • Year 3 – Dinuki G, 
  • Year 4 – Alfie B, Evie M
  • Year 5 – Jack A, Baxter B, Anamika J, Ana N, Zane T
  • Year 6 – Harmehar S


  • Year 2 – Addison P, Anaya T
  • Year 3 – Lincoln M
  • Year 6 – Rachel G, Indi M, Lillian S,  Elisha Y


  • Year 2 – Anugraha J
  • Year 4 – Lennox M

Digital Technologies 


  • Year 4 – Lennox M
  • Year 5 – Anamika J, Jack P
  • Year 6 – Harmehar S


  • Year 5 – Jack McV

Distinction and ICAS Medal Winner 

  • Year 2 – Addison P

A very special acknowledgement and commendation to year 2 student, Addison, who was awarded the ICAS medal in the Digital Technologies assessment. This is a significant achievement with Addison being the only year 2 student in South Australia and one of six students throughout Australia to receive this prestigious award. Congratulations Addison, we are very proud of your achievement.

Celebration Night

We are very much looking forward to hosting our annual Craigburn Celebration Night, the first time since 2019, on Monday 12th December, commencing at 6.30pm. Details attached here.

End of Year Reports

Teachers have finalised the end of year student reports, which will go home with students on Wednesday along with their class placement. Please take the time to read these carefully and take time to share in your child’s successes and discuss areas for future growth. 

Early Dismissal 

Students will be dismissed at 2.10pm on Friday afternoon. We ask that students do not remain on school grounds without a family adult member. Please be careful if collecting your child at this time, and be especially mindful of local parking and traffic regulations.

Staffing Update 

All teacher staffing appointments have been finalised for 2023. Each year brings about a change to our staff list with: new teacher appointments, teachers leaving / appointed to other sites, teachers returning from or taking leave, and teachers increasing / decreasing their fraction of time. There will also be a number of teachers working in a part-time capacity where classes will be shared. On Wednesday, we will share our updated staff list with families.

Class Structure and Class Placement for 2023

Our class structure for 2023 of 17 classes has now been finalised after much consideration and based on our projected enrolments and the requirements of the department’s student centred funding model. 

The class structure supports our ethos of teachers working in teams and smaller class sizes in the early years of schooling. As is the case in most schools, we will have a mixture of straight year level and composite classes due to the varying numbers of students across each year level. 

Students will be informed of their placement on Wednesday 14th December, where they will visit their new class for 2023 after Recess. 

On the same day, parents / caregivers will be informed via a class placement letter along with their child’s end of year report. Parents / caregivers of children starting in reception will receive placement letters via email.

Please note:

  • We will not be in a position to move students. Moving a student from one class to another inevitably changes the environment of multiple class groupings and for this reason, we will not be in a position to move students. 
  • We respectfully ask that parents / caregivers do not approach current teachers regarding class placements.

Please read the recent post Class Placement Update for further information.

To Note / Friendly Reminders

  • Last Day of the School Year – Early Dismissal – 2.10pm
  • OSHC Vacation Care for 2022 / 23 – contact OSHC for details and bookings.
  • Please check the lost property stall in the hallway adjacent to the school canteen for any items that may have been lost during the term / year.
  • Leaving Craigburn in 2023? Aside from Year 6 students graduating at the end of this year – if your child will not be returning to Craigburn Primary School in 2023, please inform the front office. This will help us with our forward planning for the 2023 school year. Thank you.
  • Please keep the school informed of any recent changes to your contact details. Thank you.

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