Student Wellbeing Leader News

Hello everyone, my name is Janine McKay and I am very grateful to have been appointed to the Student Wellbeing Leader position at Craigburn again.  Prior to Craigburn Primary School, I worked as a Student Wellbeing Leader and Aboriginal Education Coordinator at Kadina Memorial School.  My passion is to assist all children to develop a positive sense of their own wellbeing to become resilient and successful learners.

Research shows that students who flourish in all aspects of their life regularly experience positive emotions, feel engaged in what they are doing, develop and enjoy positive relationships with others, find deeper meaning in their lives and strive to achieve.  Life has its ups and downs and …. students who are socially and emotionally competent, are better able to navigate through these times with a positive attitude and optimism, therefore feeling happier more often.

The Student Wellbeing Leader is a proactive role, providing help and support for students and the wider school community to help manage things that are happening in their lives and to develop the skills and confidence to be able to do so more independently in the future.  Priorities within my role include:

  • Teaching children skills for good social and emotional development
  • Promoting a positive school community where every voice is valued
  • Providing play opportunities to benefit children’s development and wellbeing
  • Instilling a strong sense of belonging, inclusivity, school pride, and community
  • Fostering students’ resilience and growth mindset
  • Helping students develop their ability to self-regulate
  • Developing student leadership capabilities
  • Supporting children who are experiencing difficulties
  • Working together with families

It has been fantastic seeing so many happy learners back after the holidays, as well as some new faces. I look forward to seeing you all, as I’m often in the yard, catching up with our learners and making the most of the sunshine.

When we partner closely with families and the community we are best positioned to support children’s wellbeing.

I encourage you to contact me regarding any wellbeing issues. I am available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays and my email is my best first point of contact.

Warm Regards

Janine McKay –

Student Wellbeing Leader