Student Leaders – 2023

We are excited to announce the process for student leadership positions at Craigburn Primary School.  This is an excellent opportunity for our students to develop their leadership skills, enhance their personal growth, and contribute to the betterment of our school community.

The student leadership roles for 2023 include: Student Representative Council Executive Leaders, Student Representative Council Leaders, Environment Leaders and Sports Leaders.

Aside from these formal leadership roles, students will be encouraged to participate in many other activities and events throughout the year where they will be able to develop their leadership capabilities. These activities and events include:

special events (e.g. Book Week), transition visits, Sapsasa and sports teams, gala day, library, canteen and school garden.

Student Representative Council Executive Leaders – are a group of Year 5/6 students who represent all students in the school.  This student leadership body takes on the added responsibility of leading meetings, working closely in supporting the school’s leaders (Principal, Assistant Principal, Student Wellbeing Leader) and the Student Representative Council Leaders in delivering the school vision and increasing student voice.

Student Representative Council Leaders are a group of Reception – Year 4 students who represent all students in the school.  They work closely with the Student Representative Council Executive Leaders to organise and lead community-based events and activities..

Sports Leaders – are a group of Year 6 students who are passionate about promoting physical activity in innovative ways, through formal and informal connections with all year levels that cater for a wide variety of student interests and passions. They will take on a major role in leading their respective house teams on Sports Day in Term 1.

Environment Leaders – are a group of Year 6 students who are passionate about developing their knowledge on sustainable environmental practices, motivating action through knowledge and respect for the environment and sharing their expertise with others. They will represent our school in the Young Environmental Leaders Program.

The selection process for electing our 2023 Craigburn Primary School Leaders involves applying for the position by presenting to peers against success criteria that encompasses our school values and behaviour expectations.

Self-Worth Caring Responsibility
•  Resilient •  Open minded •  Positive role model
•  Team Player •  Reflective •  Organised
•  Respectful •  Inclusive •  Communicator
•  Confident •  Supportive •  Active participant
•  Reliable •  Committed •  Co-operative

Successful applicants will participate in training to learn the skills required in preparation for their role.

Here is the step-by-step process for students who are interested in applying for a student leadership position:

  1. An information session will be held to provide interested students with more information about the leadership positions and the election process.
  2. Nomination forms will be available after the information session. Completed forms must be submitted by Tuesday 7th February.
  3. Once the nomination forms have been received, students will prepare their speeches and present them to their peers on Tuesday 14th February. Students will cast their votes for the candidates of their choice. Student leaders will be announced on this day.
  4. Successful candidates will be expected to attend an orientation and training session on Tuesday 21st February, before assuming their responsibilities.
  5. A Presentation Assembly will be held on Friday 24th February at 12.30pm where student leaders will be acknowledged and presented with their leader’s badges and certificates.

This is a unique opportunity for them to grow as individuals, to contribute to the school community, and to develop valuable leadership skills.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Nicky Taylor                 Janine Mackay

Deputy Principal         Student Wellbeing Leader