2023 Craigburn Choir

Dear parents/caregivers,

Music is an important part of what makes Craigburn Primary such a great school. This year, once again, our school will be participating in the Festival of Music, which allows hundreds of public schools across South Australia to perform together at the Festival Theatre. On top of this, the choir will also have chances to perform at school assemblies, performing arts showcases and at Celebration Night.

Participation in the school choir is a good way for students to learn specialised vocal skills, harmonies and more complex musical skills. Students do not need to be the best singers, but must be willing to work in a team environment to achieve shared goals. There is a high expectation for commitment, behaviour and performance skills.

Senior Choir (Years 5 – 6 voluntary)

  • Meet and rehearse weekly on Thursday afternoons 1:30 – 2:30pm.
  • Students learn the repertoire for the Primary Schools Music Festival which is performed at the Festival Theatre at the end of term 3.
  • Students are required to purchase a choir book and download the free Festival of Music app. Additional costs are for travel to 2x off-site rehearsals, Festival of Music T-shirts and tickets to the performance in September (participating students free).
  • Seventeen places are available for Craigburn students at this year’s Festival Theatre Performance. Preference will be based on student attendance, effort and learning the repertoire – however all students are given the opportunity to sing at all other opportunities throughout the year.

Eleanor Ellis will be our choir teacher this year, with Felicity Williams returning as piano accompanist. I, Jimmy Marin, will be the choir support teacher.

Over the next three weeks, students will be able to experience and try-out for the choir. After this time, we will be seeking a commitment from students to confirm participation for the duration of the year.

*Host Auditions*
Each Festival of Music concert needs a team of hosts – auditions are coming up!
This position is open for committed year 6 students. Click the link for more information.
Host auditions

*Troupe Auditions*
The troupe is a dancing group that accompanies the choir at the Festival of Music.
It is another position that requires commitment throughout the year from year 5 or 6 students, but is a huge part of the festival. Troupe member do not need to be a part of the choir.
Troupe auditions

Jimmy Marin
Performing Arts Teacher
Choir Support Teacher