We are excited to be able to offer sushi on a weekly basis, every Tuesday starting next week, 21st February.

There are three choices – Teriyaki chicken, cooked tuna and avocado, and vegetarian (cucumber, carrot, avocado), at a price of $4.00 per large sushi roll.

Orders need to be placed through QKR by 3pm on Monday the day before, and we are unfortunately unable to take any late orders.  The normal canteen menu will still be available, this is an extra delicious healthy option.

We recently had to increase several prices due to supplier increases.  One of the items was Zooper Doopers which are now 60c. If your child is coming to the Canteen to buy an ice block in this warm weather, please make sure they have enough money with them.

We have had several questions about the ingredients in crusher drinks. These are made from concentrated fruit juice and do not have any added sugar. They do contain natural and artificial colours, depending on the flavour selected. If you would like any further information, please call in and see Sue in the Canteen or Clare, the Business Manager.