Belonging – at Craigburn Primary School

Developing a sense of Belonging at Craigburn Primary School

“Love, Belonging and Connection are the universal sources of true wellbeing.”   Sara M Chang

The first few days and weeks of any school year are extremely important as we re-establish and introduce new routines and expectations to start the school year in a positive way.  Research proves that if children feel they belong to school this will help them to become better learners. 

Encompassing the Craigburn Primary School’s values of Self-Worth, Caring and Responsibility, all classes have been exploring what it means to belong to their class, our school and the wider school community. Classes have been building a sense of belonging through:

  • building healthy friendships by students knowing and understanding each other’s interests, dislikes, humour, learning style and their teachers.
  • exploring our school values of Self-Worth, Caring and Responsibility so all students know what these sound, look and feel like in class, with specialist teachers, in the yard and library.
  • becoming the best learners students can be with positive, growth mindsets
  • building their collaborative learning skills to  maximise growth
  • establishing class routines and positive behaviour expectations
  • and exploring the language and actions students will use to develop a positive and supportive learning culture based on our school values.

These skills and understandings, which are being explicitly taught and reinforced through ‘teachable moments’ are foundational to ensure a strong start for a successful year.

Janine McKay 

Student Wellbeing Leader